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Marriage Lottery 9: Annabel and Brady by Caty Callahan

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Marriage Lottery #9: Annabel and Brady by Caty Callahan is the ninth novel in the Marriage Lottery romance series.

10 out of 10 stars.  This one’s hilarious.

Annabel McCoy has waited for three years for Brady Dillon to ask her to the lottery, ever since he moved in next door and became her best friend.  As the lottery rapidly approaches, he still doesn’t ask, so she asks him.  And he says…no.  To make matters worse, he leaves right before the lottery, showing her that he really doesn’t care.  Annabel enters along with Alana East.  Two women for a ton of men.

But things go downhill from there when Nelson Reddington’s name is called first.  Nelson didn’t come with Alana.  Bartholomew “Bat” Andrews did.  Nelson picks Alana’s name because everyone in town knows Annabel is in love with Brady Dillon.  Then Bat’s name is called and the only woman left is Annabel.  He tries to get out of it, but the rules are the rules.  They become reluctant friends as Alana gets closer and closer to Nelson.

When Brady comes home, he is positive that Annabel couldn’t possibly have entered because she loves him.  Boy is he surprised when she’s married to a guy named Bat and he’s living in her house next door.  :0

What could’ve been a case of a simple misunderstanding blows way out of proportion when Brady makes things worse.  Annabel eventually falls for Bat, who betrays her and leaves her pregnant.  So she does what any woman would do–she runs from the two men who have caused her the most pain.

10 out of 10 stars.  This is a sweet romance between a woman whose been wronged by two men and the one man who tries to fix it all, Brady.  Add a little girl named Coconut and a host of friends, and you have a romantic comedy that will make you laugh out loud.


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