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Marriage Lottery #30 Dig by Caty Callahan

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Marriage Lottery #30 Dig is a sweet romance novel by Caty Callahan.

10/10 stars.  I love this author.  Her romances are very real and once I begin one, I can’t put it down until I’ve finished.  I also love the fact that she doesn’t pad the novel with extra fluff.

The story starts out in a creepy town with no women.  The one woman in town has been widowed and enters the lottery.  They all call her Crazy Sarah because she appears crazy most of the time.  So in the beginning this seems like a romance between a cute sane guy named Diego and the town crazy, Sarah.  Only a few chapters in you realize it’s about something much more sinister.  The title, Dig, should have given it away.

Rather than giving away the entire plot, I’ll focus on the romance between Diego and Sarah.  From his point of view, she does indeed appear to be crazy.  So he does what any husband would do–he tries to get her help.  But the town doctor is not a nice guy, so Diego is torn.  What does he do for a wife who doesn’t think she’s sick and when the only doctor doesn’t like his wife?  That’s his dilemma and very quickly marriage doesn’t turn out like he thought it would be.  So he leaves her, not realizing she’s almost been killed.  Someone buried her alive.  When he sees the grave she dug herself out of, he realizes Sarah is not the psycho in this town.  And then the mystery begins.

I loved the way the story came together slowly, piece by piece, like any good mystery.  The dots were especially clever.  (Read it and you’ll understand.)

Although this #30 in this series, they can be read in any order.  They are not sequential.  Each is an independent story.

10/10 stars.  One of my favorite novels now.  I’ve read it six times so far.


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