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Marriage Lottery 12: March and Wyatt

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The Marriage Lottery #12: March and Wyatt by Caty Callahan is not your typical romance. If you believe in love at first sight and waiting until the one you love loves you back, this is the romance for you.

10 out of 10 stars. I loved it. I loved March and May and especially May’s bat. I loved the way Wyatt tried out March’s lip gloss collection. He is my ideal of the perfect hunk and husband all rolled into one.

March Lincoln has been waiting to get married, waiting for the one lottery where her sister June won’t enter. You see June has married and discarded four husbands already and considers it a sport. She also toys with her sisters’ husbands to the detriment of their marriages. This is what March is trying desperately to avoid. She waits 5 minutes until noon on Lottery Day to enter her name then June rides up in the last two minutes and drops her chit in the jar, too late for March to remove her name. The man who March stands across from, Wyatt Odair, immediately moves with ALL of the other men to stand in front of June and the die is cast.

Unfortunately for March, it’s not so easy to get rid of Wyatt. The Lincolns have a tradition. They always have a two-day celebration starting on Lottery Day to celebrate all the anniversaries in the family. Everyone in the family is there and Wyatt is introduced to March’s loving family. He sees firsthand June’s malevolence toward her sisters and he also sees March’s brilliance and kindness. That night he shares her bed and although nothing happens, March falls head over heels in love with Wyatt. Which is precisely why she tosses him back. He’s thrown out of the house and sent packing because his wife loves him and he doesn’t understand how that’s a bad thing. But according to March if she loves him and he loves June, their marriage can never be happy. Which just makes him angry because he can’t stand June.

Months go by and she refuses to speak with him or spend that required three months with him. (In order to divorce, couples must live together for three consecutive months.) She’s terrified if she spends any time at all with him, she’ll sleep with him and he’ll break her heart.

Throughout the novel March keeps waiting for Wyatt to fall in love with her. Just when she thinks it will never happen, a ray of sunshine brightens her day and everything comes together.

There’s a side story of an unscrupulous land developer stealing water rights right out from under landowners. No one knows what he’s doing until he comes under March’s radar. Her solution is nothing short of brilliant. I love revenge novels and this one was perfect. She takes out two birds with one stone. 🙂

10 out of 10 stars. The Marriage Lottery series has slightly more adult material than The Bride Lottery series. In this one I think that moment is when March finds out just how deeply June has ruined their sister January’s marriage. I would still classify it as a sweet romance.

Reviewed by Colleen.

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