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Mare of Easttown (2021 series Episode 6)

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Mare of Easttown is a 2021 HBO series starring Kate Winslet.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is really sloppily written by a white male writer with Mommy issues.  It’s very misogynistic too, like many of HBO’s series.  I really don’t know why they keep making this crap.

Episode 6 Sore Must Be the Storm

Mare wakes up in the hospital surrounded by Helen, Siobhan, Frank, and Drew.  Lori eventually takes her home and tells her about John and Sandra.  Later she goes to see Zabel’s mother Judy who slaps her several times and tells her she’s responsible for son’s death.  Actually, Zabel almost got Mare killed.  He was the only one with a gun and incredibly slow to arm himself.

Katie Bailey goes home with her mom Dawn.

Chief welcomes the FBI into their case, but you don’t see them all episode.  Father Dan tells him about Deacon Mark and he brings Mark in for questioning.  They find Erin’s bike in the river and arrest Mark for tampering with evidence.  Later, Chief tells Mare that Wayne Potts couldn’t have killed Erin.  He was in Altoona visiting his mom for three days and this has been verified with cctv footage and toll receipts.  So he reinstates Mare and gives her back her badge.  What about her gun?

John moves in with his dad Pat.  His brother Billy is already living there and angry at John.

Richard comes to see Mare bearing gifts of beer and food, her favorites.

A ballistics expert tells Mare and Chief that Erin’s murder weapon was a Colt Detective Special Revolver used by cops until 1985.  Brianna tells them that Dylan was missing the night of Erin’s murder, so they bring in Dylan for questioning.  He says he was driving around in his car alone that night.  When they ask him if he stole Erin’s journals, he asks for a lawyer.

Anne dumps Siobhan so she gets high on marijuana and alcohol then sends some nasty texts and leaves some mean voicemails for Anne.

Carrier’s coworker offers her drugs.  She says no.

Dr. Graham has Mare tell her about the day Kevin killed himself.  She was running errands and Siobhan was close to home so when their neighbors called her to say Kevin was in their house, she called Siobhan to check on him.  Siobhan found him hanging in the attic and called Mare hysterical, so she came home, found him, cut him down, and called 9-1-1.

Beth Hanlon calls Mare because her brother Freddie hasn’t answered his phone for three days and his door is locked.  Mare enters his house and finds him dead of an overdose.  She also finds a bag of Erin McMenamin’s clothes in Freddie’s room.  One of the t-shirts says “Ross Family Reunion, Lake Harmony, 5-29-17”.  Beth holds a wake for Freddie.  At the wake Mare asks Lori about the Ross Family Reunion and who was there.  She says it was a few months after Erin’s mom died (Erin was 14), so they invited Kenny and Erin to their lake outing.  Only family was there.  Then Dawn thanks Mare for saving Katie and apologizes for badmouthing her.

Pat Ross, Billy and John’s dad, tells John that he saw Billy covered in blood the night Erin was murdered.  Billy was removing his clothes and washing them.

Chief and Mare question Kenny about Erin’s clothes being at Freddie’s.  Freddie didn’t have anything for his daughter’s birthday, so Kenny told him to take Erin’s clothes.  When they ask him about that reunion, he says it rained most of the time and he and Erin spent it inside the cabin with Billy.

Mare takes Drew to Carrie’s for the court-mandated visitation.  Then she visits Frank.  Faye left him.  He says they will probably lose custody by summer.  Meanwhile at Carrie’s, she falls asleep while bathing Drew and he does NOT drown.  (Contrary to the intentionally vague commercials.)

Jess takes a walk and Dylan and his black drug dealing friend chase her in their car.  They corner her in a parking lot, drag her out from underneath a car, and Dylan holds a gun to her head threatening to kill her if she talks to the police.

John goes home to see the kids.  Lori asks him about the reunion at Lake Harmony and Erin.  He gets nervous and leaves.  Mare looks at photos of the reunion and sees Billy staring at Erin.  John goes to his dad’s house and gets Billy to confess to killing Erin then he rushes home to tell Lori, knowing that she will tell Mare.  Then he asks Billy to go fishing with him one last time.  As they’re getting ready Billy sees a gun in John’s tackle box.  So when they get to the river, Billy takes the tackle box, but he looks scared.  I don’t think Billy killed Erin.  I think John did and Billy helped him get rid of her body or held Erin because he loved her.

Mare goes to the jewelry store where Erin’s necklace was sold and engraved.  On the receipt, the purchaser is simply named “Ross”.  She goes to see Lori to ask about Billy and Erin.  Lori tells her everything John told her–that Billy confessed to killing Erin and that he was DJ’s father.  Billy never confessed to being DJ’s father.  Then Lori says Billy was worried because it’s incest (actually it’s not), but she doesn’t mention that it’s the rape of a child and pedophilia.  She also tells Mare where they’re fishing.

Mare heads to the river and calls the Chief to fill him in on all she’s learned, which is a lot.  Meanwhile, Jess goes to the Chief with the torn page from Erin’s journal.  Whatever it is makes the Chief try to reach Mare immediately, so I suspect it’s that John raped her.

0 out of 10 stars.  There are so many examples of sloppy writing in this episode.  Pat “suddenly” needs to tell John about Billy?  Mare finally gets around to checking jewelry stores?  And Beth Hanlon waited 3 days before calling Mare about Freddie knowing his house has no heat?  She obviously wanted him dead. 

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