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Mare of Easttown (2021 series Episode 4)

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Mare of Easttown is a 2021 HBO series starring Kate Winslet.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is really sloppily written by a white male writer with Mommy issues.  It’s very misogynistic too, like many of HBO’s series.  I really don’t know why they keep making this crap.

Episode 4 Poor Sisyphus

Zabel comes to work and is paired with Hauser, a county detective who is pretty incompetent.  The Chief tells him neither Frank Sheehan nor Dylan Henchey are DJ’s father.  He corners Deacon Mark outside a pharmacy.  At his previous parish the parents of a 14 year old girl charged him with inappropriate conduct.  Mark says he was cleared and nothing happened.

A reporter calls Father Dan about an article he’s writing about Deacon Mark.  When Dan asks Mark if he raped that girl, he never answers.

Dylan wants nothing to do with DJ once he discovers he is not his son.  But his parents try to keep him.

Mare tells Siobhan and Helen about being suspended and why she was suspended.  Then she goes to see Dr. Graham, the mandated shrink she must see for her job.  Dr. Graham actually helps Mare a lot.  It’s amazing how many people just constantly dump on Mare.  That’s emotional abuse.  And a lot of those people are her close friends, family, and coworkers.

Richard invites Mare on a date for Saturday, his birthday.

Carrie takes Drew to her new apartment.  He gets scared and she brings him home to Mare.

Mare scours Erin’s FaceBook account and learns she kept journals.  She has a flashback to when Kevin and Carrie beat her and robbed her in her home in order to pay for drugs.

Missy Sager, an addict and prostitute, is picked up by a white guy in a blue work van who strangles her then places her in a hidden room above “Bennie’s Tavern” with Katie Bailey.

Mare hears about Missy Sager and goes to see Zabel at home.  He lives with his mom, who’s kind of a b*tch.  He tells her Missy was a top athlete and straight A student who was in college when an old woman ran a stop sign and hit her with her car.  Missy’s hip was fractured and she became addicted to painkillers.  She dropped out of college and began prostituting herself to get money for drugs.  Both Katie and Missy had Sidedoor accounts (online prostitution site).  Mare thinks Erin had one too, so they go over to Jess’s house.   Jess shows them the Sidedoor account she created for Erin to make enough money for DJ’s surgery.  Jess tells them Erin said Dylan was DJ’s dad because his parents are so kind and she wanted that kindness in DJ’s life.  As they drive away, Zabel asks Mare on a date for Saturday night too.

After they leave, Mare goes back and asks Jess where Erin kept her journals.  Jess says in her dresser between the bottom two drawers.  Mare goes there and the journals are gone.  There’s a gold heart with a date engraved, 5-29-17.

Siobhan breaks up with her girlfriend Becca and Becca comes to the house when Helen is home asking to wait to talk to Siobhan.  She waits in the basement then Becca and her new girlfriend, Anne, come into the basement making out.  Becca screams and hits Helen with the door on her way out, then tramples Helen.  An ambulance comes and takes Helen to the hospital.  By then Mare is home and goes with her.  She has a concussion.

Beth Hanlon’s brother Freddie calls Dawn Bailey pretending to be the kidnapper and demanding $5,000 in cash to get Katie back. Dawn goes to deliver the ransom and Freddie knocks her over with a water heater, hurting her pretty badly.  He runs with the money but stops in the light to make sure it’s all cash.  It’s not.  It’s cut up “missing” posters of Katie Bailey.  Dawn sees him and knows it’s Freddie.  She says nothing to Beth when she goes home.  (Beth is babysitting her granddaughter.)

0 out of 10 stars.  The first clue about Erin’s murder came tonight, in episode 4, more than halfway through the series (the date 5-29-17).  This is what HBO usually does because they want to draw out series long enough to get people to subscribe several months.  Shame on them. No grounding in the blue collar class.  Siobhan is the perfect example of a yuppie kid–designer clothes, expensive haircuts, expensive shoes, and a macbook pro laptop which is about $5K.  No blue collar family could afford this.  Neither could a wannabe singer with her crappy band.  And where is all the money for the massive amounts of marijuana they buy coming from?

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