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Mare of Easttown (2021 series Episode 3)

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Mare of Easttown is a 2021 HBO series starring Kate Winslet.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is really sloppily written by a white male writer with Mommy issues.  It’s very misogynistic too, like many of HBO’s series.  I really don’t know why they keep making this crap.

Episode 3 Enter Number Two

Mare questions Frank and asks him to take a DNA test.  She also asks Dylan’s parents to ask Dylan for a DNA test.  She accepts Kenny’s confession to killing Dylan then has to tell him that Dylan is actually still alive.  And we get to know the county detective sent to help Mare, Detective Zabel.  He’s actually a nerd, but a pretty nice guy.  Not much to look at, but neither is Mare.  And he genuinely treats her better than everyone else.

They get Erin’s cell phone records and discover her last call was to Deacon Mark who works with Mare’s cousin.  Then they get an anonymous tip that Deacon Mark was transferred for inappropriate behavior.  At the end of the episode he dumps Erin’s bike in the river.  So he was among the last to see her alive if not the killer.

Mare learns that Carrie is suing for custody of Drew and does something that is so out of character, the writer must’ve been sleeping when he wrote this episode.  She steals drugs from the evidence locker and plants them on Carrie.  Then she’s caught by her boss.  Rather than firing her, like he should have done, he puts her on administrative leave.  :0

0 out of 10 stars.  Poor character development and inconsistent writing.  Mare is brilliant one minute and a complete idiot the next.  In addition to Mare stealing drugs from evidence and planting them on Carrie, she also deletes a video recording showing a crime (vandalizing a fence).  This is a crime.  One minute she’s by the book and the next she’s breaking the law herself.

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