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Mare of Easttown (2021 series Episode 2)

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Mare of Easttown is a 2021 HBO series starring Kate Winslet.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is really sloppily written by a white male writer with Mommy issues.  It’s very misogynistic too, like many of HBO’s series.  I really don’t know why they keep making this crap.

Episode 2 Fathers

In episode 2 Mare begins rounding up suspects.  They get a tip about the video and Mare immediately arrests Brianna at her parents’ restaurant.  Her father Tony stalks Mare for two days and throws a gallon of milk through her living room window, missing her head by inches.  This type of violence is learned.  Obviously, Brianna learned it from her dad.  In what was a very sweet moment of real life, Helen brings Tony’s wife into their house to console her after Tony attacks Mare outside their house.  Tony’s wife is the exact opposite of Tony, a kind and gentle person.

After being questioned by the police, Dylan is angry and goes out to buy cigarettes, a dumb move when you’re the prime suspect in a murder.  Erin’s dad Kenny hides in his pickup, takes him to the forest, and shoots him twice.  Unfortunately, Dylan is not dead.  For what he did in the forest to the mother of his child, he should be.

At the end of the episode, Erin’s best friend and her mom go to Mare’s best friend Lori and tell her that she thinks Frank Sheehan, Mare’s ex-husband was the real father of Erin’s baby, not Dylan.  (In episode 7 we discover this was a deliberate lie to mislead the police, but Jess is never arrested.)

0 out of 10 stars.  This is really sloppily written.  So many red herrings and subplots.  It plays like a soap opera, not a murder mystery.

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