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Manhunt (film)

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Manhunt is a 2019 British series about the murder of a French foreign exchange student.

10 out of 10 stars. This is one of those rare treats, a solid murder mystery with no fluff added.

This is an interesting murder mystery series surrounding the murder of a French student visiting the United Kingdom. She is hit over the head in a public park with such rage that it crushes part of her skull and she dies within 24 hours.

The case is assigned to a Detective named Colin. Colin is methodic, organized, and intelligent. He has eight cops go through ALL CCTV footage for the hours preceding her murder and the hours following it for up to a mile radius of the area. Even when he’s getting laughed at and criticized for using so much manpower, he plods on and he gets the guy.

What really interested me about this series was that in the last episode you discover how badly the Provincial Police screwed up another case. Had they not screwed up the killer wouldn’t been caught (on camera literally) and the French student never would’ve been murdered because the killer would’ve been in prison for life. Such a shame and a waste.

10 out of 10 stars. This is three one-hour episodes so there’s no fluff, just good detective work. Watch it.


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