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Man in the High Castle Season 2

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Season three of Man in the High Castle is about to be released.  If you didn’t catch season 2, here’s the plot.

10 out of 10 stars for season 2.  If you were confused at the end of Season1 (like so many of us) then season 2 will clarify quite a bit.

At the end of season 1, Juliana let Joe Blake escape with the film that was meant for the man in the high castle.  She’s seen the film and recounts what she sees to the man in the high castle but the resistance want her dead.  In that film, the Reich bombs San Francisco with a nuclear bomb more powerful than Hiroshima.  Abendsen (the man in the high castle) tells Juliana she must seek out George Dixon, Trudy’s biological father, in order to stop that future from happening.  So Juliana defects to the Reich and is taken under John Smith’s wing on the east coast.  Dixon, it turns out, is a real monster.  The Reich execute and burn the bodies of all cripples and those with diseases or illnesses they consider a waste of resources to cure.  Thomas, John Smith’s teenage son, has multiple sclerosis.  By the end of the season Juliana must kill Dixon in order to save Thomas, a child she believes deserves a chance.  That decision saves the world.  And as Abendsen tells her, it’s her decisions which keep saving their world.

Another storyline in season 2 is Joe learning that he’s one of the Lebensborn, a group of children whose mothers were chosen to be impregnated by the elite of the Reich.  His father is at the head of a group of men trying to take over the world.  They frame Japan for Hitler’s death when really it was by natural causes.  By the end of the season John Smith exposes Joe’s father and he is arrested by the Reich for treason.  This inspires Thomas, who has figured out his illness, to give himself up to the authorities who take him away to be exterminated because of his illness.

A third storyline is Frank, Juliana’s fiance, and his involvement with the resistance.  In season 1 Frank’s sister and her children are exterminated by the Kempeitai for being Jewish before Frank can save them.  He becomes completely enamored with the resistance even after learning they want Juliana dead and have tried repeatedly to kill her.  :0  Way to go, fiance.  Ed realizes that Frank has drank the Koolaid and tries persuading him to leave with Ed on a bus to the neutral zone, but instead Frank blows himself up in a botched attempt to kill the Kempeitai.  Way to screw that up too, Frank.

The fourth storyline revolves around Minister Tagomi who has the ability to travel between parallel universes.  He is one of these travelers who has been bringing back films to expose what the world could look like.  He travels to our world circa 1969 and comes back with films of the bomb tests done on the Bikini Islands.  He gives that film to the Kempeitei who forward it to John Smith.

If this little refresher hasn’t explained season 2 in enough detail there’s also a video that explains in great detail Seasons 1 and 2, prepping viewers for season 3 to be released October 5th.

Let’s hope season 3 will be as good as season 2, because season 1 was pretty confusing.


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