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Malicious (film)

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Malicious is a 2018 horror film that’s not too bad. 7 out of 10 stars.

Adam and Lisa move to a small town where Adam gets a job as a Math Professor for a local college. With the job comes free rental of a large home. They’re expecting a child and Lisa looks to be about 7 to 8 months pregnant.

Shortly after they move into their new home, Lisa’s sister Becky arrives and gives them a small wooden fertility box that they later discover is from Aztec origin. Adam can’t open the box so they assume it’s a practical joke. Later, Becky is able to open the box but it’s empty. From that moment forward, the box moves around the house seemingly on its own.

Soon after Lisa opens the box she runs into a strange woman while she’s jogging. After meeting the woman she goes home, carries a box with an unassembled crib upstairs, and assembles it. She miscarries barely an hour later and because of the damage to her uterus she can’t have kids. Adam blames Lisa for the miscarriage because he told her not to carry the crib upstairs or assemble it and she did anyway. In addition to dealing with Adam’s anger and her own grief, Lisa begins seeing things. She sees a little girl in the baby’s crib and imagines hearing a baby’s voice throughout the house. Her sister Becky doesn’t hear the voices which makes Lisa think the house is haunted or she is hearing things.

Adam doesn’t believe her until a naked stranger appears in his shower with him and tries seducing him then turns into an old woman right before his eyes. After that, he’s a believer and he calls in his boss at the college, Dr. Clark, who just so happens to be the head of the Parapsychology Department. (Let’s just suspend our disbelief here and belief for a moment that a small college would give a professor a free house and that it would have a Math Department and a Parapsychology Department.) Clark brings his grad student and a ton of equipment with him. Clark is blind but is able to sense the extraordinary. They set up microphones in every room and record the sounds digitally through a computer and also onto a magnetic tape. On the computer screen they can tell there are sounds upstairs in the nursery, but they can’t actually hear the sounds until they playback the magnetic tape. Then they hear the voice of a girl and she’s calling Lisa “Mom” and herself “Little Lisa” which was the nickname they’d given to their unborn child. Dr. Clark senses the box and they explain how Adam couldn’t open it but Lisa could. He quickly deduces that the creature inside the box has killed their child to take its soul and to haunted them, more specifically to haunt Lisa. Then he tells them about another couple that this happened to. That husband ended up killing his wife and is now in prison.

Without giving all the details or any more spoilers, you can see where the film started to get sketchy. Up until the visit from Dr. Clark and his immediate diagnosis, the film was pretty good, but then it quickly went downhill from there as though the producers were in a hurry and time crunch to finish the film. Plot holes started doubling and it became harder and harder to suspend my disbelief. The ending was terrible and made little sense.

7 out of 10 stars. It was still a very watchable film, more than I can say for a lot of films on Netflix.


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