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Madres (2021 film)

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Madres is a 2021 Amazon original film.

2/10 stars.  Low production values.  Dumb plot.  Also, quite offensive.

Diana and Beto are expecting and move from Los Angeles to rural California.  He’s a Mexican immigrant.  She’s a U.S. citizen who speaks no Spanish.  Beto works for a local farm as a manager and a perk is a small house to rent for free.

The longer they are there, the creepier the locals are.  There is only one child among all the women.  Miscarriages are rampant.  The local hospital has one white male doctor and two white female nurses, all creepy.

In addition to their house being haunted, a nearby shed is also haunted.  There Diana finds a diary with news clippings.  They talk about valley fever spreading among the farm workers.  The diary, along with many other belongings in the house, was Teresa’s.  She lived in the house before Diana and was researching the pesticides used on the farm.

When Diana tells Beto about the pesticides he makes fun of her because she’s white.  In fact, the women workers call her gringa.  (BTW, she’s not white.  She’s light Hispanic.)

Diana begins having rashes on her arms and pains in her abdomen.  The doctor tells her to pray.  She goes to the county clerk’s office instead and looks up death records.  Here’s where the film begins to fail miserably.  We see faraway shots of her notes and we’re supposed to be able to read them.  Ridiculous.

She tells Beto another town called Arbington had the same problem.  All the pregnant women died.  But Beto agrees with the farm workers that it’s a curse.  So that night he blesses her.  It doesn’t stop her from hearing and seeing things.

Diana ends up at the hospital and begs Beto to go to Arbington to see about the pesticides.  He discovers the doctor who oversaw those patients and it’s their doctor, Dr. Bell.

Diana searches Dr. Bell’s office and finds CONSENT FOR STERILIZATION forms for all the Mexican female patients.  Not only did the doctor and nurses kill their unborn children, but they sterilized them too, without them even realizing what they were signing.

Dr. Bell catches her and prepares to sterilize her.  Beto arrives to save her, but then Beto’s boss shoots him.  He’s been poisoning women, forcing them to the hospital.  Teresa’s ghost attacks him then Diana shoves him through a glass door.

Six months later, Diana and Beto have a son, Jose.  And Diana’s sister visits.  They’re back in Los Angeles.

That’s the entire plot.  No reason for Beto’s boss’s behavior.  So you’re left in limbo.

2/10 stars.  Low production values.  Dumb plot.  Also, quite offensive.



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