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Lovelace 2013 film

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Lovelace is a 2013 biographical film about Linda Lovelace.

2 out of 10 stars. This bombed at the box office and I can understand why.  It’s very slow and the abuse and rape scenes were difficult to watch.  The porn scenes were gross.  I actually had difficulty believing anyone could do this and be normal afterward.

Linda Lovelace spent 17 days in the porn industry.  Eighty percent of this film focuses on her as a porn star.  If you don’t want everyone to think of you as a porn star then why focus the entire film on that part of your life?

The film begins when Linda was 20.  She’d gotten pregnant and had a son who her mother tricked her into giving away.  Right after she gave birth, her mother brought her papers to sign in order for her son to be circumcised.  They were adoption papers.  This was perhaps the worst of her mother’s betrayals, but certainly not the only one.

So when she’s 20, Linda meets Chuck Traynor and when he begins graphically speaking about sex, she doesn’t mind.  For any other normal 20 year old woman, that should have set off all kinds of warning bells.  He was grooming her to become his latest prostitute and his meal ticket in the porn industry.

Shortly after they move in together, Traynor is arrested on IRS and prostitution charges (he’s a pimp).  In order to prevent her from being forced to testify against him, he marries her.  And her mother tells her to “obey” her husband.  So when Traynor teaches Linda how to give blow jobs the porn star way she does as he commands and he films it.  Then she performs oral sex on a stranger in front of the director Traynor takes her to.  She’s immediately cast in the porn film DEEP THROAT.

DEEP THROAT goes on to make $600 million.  Linda was paid only $1250.  She doesn’t want to do another porn film and tries going home.  Her mother kicks her out.  So she goes back to Traynor who beats her then takes her to a motel room where she is gang raped by five large men.  They pay her husband and now he’s taught her a lesson.  He beats her again and when the police find her in the street, they recognize her and send her home to her husband.  :0

The film abruptly ends as Linda leaves Traynor and remarries.  Then she writes a book and, because the publishers don’t believe her, she has to take a polygraph test before they will publish it.  This part takes all of 5 minutes.

2 out of 10 stars.  Poorly plotted and poorly told.  Supposedly it’s taken from Linda Lovelace’s book, but the screenplay must have been written by a novice.  It’s not sympathetic.  It’s slooow.  And it’s gross.



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