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Lessons in Realistic Watercolor by Mario Robinson

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Lessons in Realistic Watercolor by Mario Robinson is a watercolor book that’s also supposed to be a lesson book.  It’s not.  There are only five lessons in this entire book and they are very basic and geared toward landscapes which are easy.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is easily the worst watercolor book I’ve read.  The author is arrogant and thinks his art is brilliant, yet he scatters other people’s art throughout the book and their art is far superior to his.  You don’t get any lessons on how to create those pieces of art, just a lot of rambling about how brilliant he is and all about his family and career.  If you’re interested in the author then this book may appeal to you.  I would never buy this guy’s art.  Not only is he an arrogant jerk, but his art is not realistic at all and incredibly creepy.  It’s as though he’s stuck in the Depression.


There are only five lessons, each 2-3 pages.

  1. Plein Air
  2. Glazing
  3. Wet in Wet
  4. Drybrush
  5. Wash

These are really basic lessons.  Here’s the first one.

0 out of 10 stars.  Really disappointing.  If you want to write a memoir, call it a memoir.

Reviewed by Betsy.



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