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Lavender is a ghost story and a thriller.  It’s scary, so watch it with others in the room.  10 out of 10 stars.

Ignore the negative reviews across the internet for this film.  I’m not sure why it was picked on, but it really is a good film.

Jane Ryer is unhappily married with a daughter Alice. She begins to have hallucinations of a young blonde girl Alice’s age named Suzie who keeps whispering to Jane. For the past twenty years her hobby has been taking photos of old buildings, especially old farm houses. Then she happens across one and her hallucinations come to life. The hallucinations finally cause her to have a terrible car accident in which her skull is fractured. That’s when she loses her memory and discovers she has seven old skull fractures.

It turns out the house she recently photographed is the house she grew up in and owns. It’s been held in trust for her for 20 years. Her family was murdered in that house. And like all great horror films where they decide to do dumb things, she moves her family into that house for a vacation. :0

I loved the ending. Not all horror films have good endings. This one did.

Reviewed by Betsy.


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