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Last House on the Left

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The Last House on the Left is a 2009 horror film.

0 out of 10 stars.  I couldn’t even sit through the entire film.  It was creepily pedophilic.

A busy surgeon John, his businesswoman wife Emma, and their swimmer teenage daughter Mari spend the summer in a rented cabin in the woods.  Conveniently, Mari’s best friend just happens to work at the convenience store close to the cabin and she talks Mari into going to a boy’s motel room to get some weed (marijuana).  They’re not there for very long before the boy’s escaped convict Dad and creepy killer friends show up and take the girls hostage.

There’s sooooo much wrong with this film.  1.  Very pedophilic.  There are so many camera shots of Mari stripping it’s pretty gross.  This is supposed to be a 15 year old.  Gross.  2.  The escaped convict plot was just plain dumb.  3.  Creepy escaped convict Dad has a psycho girlfriend.  The actress who played her, Riki Lindhome, was awful.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an actress overplay her role to this degree.  4.  Boring.  I watch a lot of boring films because I review them, but this one I couldn’t even finish.  5.  The actress playing Mari was in her late 20s when she filmed this.  She’s about a foot taller than Monica Potter who played her mom.  Really bad casting.

0 out of 10 stars.  Pass on this one.

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