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Ladies in Black (film)

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Ladies in Black is a period piece set in Australian in the 1960s in a high-end department store called Goode’s.

10 out of 10 stars. This film reminds me of The Trouble with Angels with Hayley Mills. It’s enchanting and wholesome, perfect for the whole family on a Friday night.

The story follows the lives of four women who work at Goode’s Department Store. There’s Lisa who is waiting for the results of her college entrance exams along with most kids her age; Fay who seems to fall in and out of love with the wrong guys; Patty whose husband seems really inattentive; and Magda a middle-aged Hungarian refugee who longs to own her own designer clothing boutique.

Over the summer Magda introduces Lisa (whose real name is Leslie) to high fashion and style. She also introduces Fay to her friend Rudi, another Hungarian refugee who falls in love with Fay and introduces her to continental food, literature, and music. Patty discovers that her husband really misunderstood what marriage is about. And Magda puts in motion the means to obtain the boutique she’s always wanted.

10 out of 10 stars. Delightful.

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