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Just for You by Caroline Critchfield and Sarah Markos

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Just for You is a sewing book with 24 projects, all pretty ugly.

2 out of 10 stars.  Sewing is as much an art as it is a craft.  With experience you can create your own designs and make your own patterns, but if you try designing your own patterns before you’re experienced they just don’t fit and they look dreadful, like potato sacks.  Unfortunately the authors of this book are not experienced sewers and it shows.


  1. A hard-handled basic tote
  2. A very weirdly-shaped shrug
  3. A hooded scarf
  4. A basic tote
  5. A plain short-sleeved dress
  6. Another hard-handled basic tote
  7. A basic pencil skirt
  8. A basic tie belt
  9. A basic short-sleeved top (a shortened version of the dress)
  10. A basic book cover
  11. A basic sleeveless maxi dress
  12. Fabric-covered beads (these are huge and ugly)
  13. A basic straight skirt
  14. An infinity skirt
  15. A basic short-sleeved tunic (a shortened version of 5 and longer version of 9)
  16. A d-ring belt
  17. A long basic skirt (a longer version of 13)
  18. Yet another hard-handled basic tote
  19. Hanging fabric pocket belt (really ugly)
  20. An apron like the one I just reviewed in Happy Home plagiarized from Simplicity (see below)
  21. A basic skirt with lining
  22. A basic wristlet or clutch
  23. A basic zippered clutch
  24. A basic phone cover

2 out of 10 stars.  Nothing worth sewing here and everything looked dreadful except for the apron which was plagiarized from Simplicity.

Reviewed by Colleen.


This is another apron plagiarized from Simplicity.  It’s irritating to see so many authors plagiarizing well-known companies and selling that intellectual property for profit.  🙁

Materials Needed

34″ x 17″ fabric for apron skirt

11″ x 22″ fabric for apron bodice

3″ x 28″ fabric for waistband

2 – 4″ x 30″ fabric for waist ties

2 – 3″ x 35″ fabric for ruffled hem

2″ x 40″ fabric or bias tape for neck strap


  1. Cut the fabric pieces needed.
  2. Line up the waistband with the apron bodice on top and the apron skirt on bottom.  Gather as necessary and sew to attach.  There should be a 2″ overhang on either side.
  3. Gather the ruffle so it fits on the bottom of the apron skirt and sew to attach.
  4. Fold over top of apron bodice to make a small encasement for the neck strap and sew.
  5. Cover edges with bias tape or make a double hem.
  6. Add straps.


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