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Journal Sparks by Emily Neuberger

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Journal Sparks is a craft/journaling book targeted toward elementary school-aged children, but it actually is therapeutic enough to work for anyone.

10 out of 10 stars. This is one of those books that was planned before executed and executed beautifully.

Before bullet journaling and trying to cram 36 hours into one day, there was regular old-fashioned journaling. This is a book to inspire that kind of journaling.

Journaling serves many purposes: It helps people understand themselves, their needs, their fears, and their phobias. It helps people deal with significant trauma and PTSD.

What I love about this book:
1. Appropriate for all ages although it was written for kids.
2. Thick, colorful pages printed on textured paper.
3. Large variety of journaling ideas from word collections to making up constellations.
4. 135 pages with 12 pages of thick colored paper for mixed media pages.

My favorite journaling ideas from this book:
1. Map your day p 28-29
2. Map your neighborhood p 30-31
3. Potion pantry p 44-45 (your arsenal for depression, rage, anything)
4. Perfect day p 52-53 (great for goal setting or memories)
5. Alphabet List p 68-69
6. I am p 70
7. Favorite things p 71
8. Word collections p 72-73
9. Lists of 20 p 74-75
10. Mandalas p 94-95
11. Fonts p 100
12. Tiny poems p 102-103
13. Fortune telling p 110-111
14. Journal with friends p 122-123

There’s a film called the Interpreter with Nicole Kidman about a South African woman whose brother is in South Africa fighting apartheid and Simon (her brother) keeps journals full of lists. At the very end of the film she reads one of his lists, a list of deaths by the regime that massacred most of their people. The journaling ideas on pages 68-75 reminded me very much of Simon’s lists.

I liked this book enough to buy two of them so when my friends borrow one I still have a spare. 🙂

I strongly recommend that you get a 9×11 sketchbook to use as a journal since most journals are way too small and limited for real journaling. (Bienfang works well and it’s only $7.34 on Amazon.)

10 out of 10 stars. If you like this book you’ll probably also like Personal Geographies.


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