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Jo (2019 series)

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Jo is a 2019 French detective series that takes place in Paris but is told in English.

6/10 stars.  This is about an aging addict Parisian cop who returns to work after a heart attack. 

The cases in this series are very unique to Paris.  I especially liked episode 6 which was about the murder of a woman who was dealing in stolen Jewish heirlooms from Nazi Germans during World War 2.

My second favorite would be episode 2.  A famous model is murdered by someone desperate for her bone marrow, not realizing she isn’t a match.

Throughout the series, Jo is reestablishing contact with his estranged daughter Adele who is also a recovering addict who stole prescription drugs as a nurse.  Her boyfriend Yannick is blackmailed into helping on a robbery, but Jo gets him arrested on a mistaken stolen license plate which gives him an alibi and gets him released without a record.  Unfortunately, it gets him killed.

Although both Jo and Adele are recovering addicts, they don’t make the series about the old habits, drugs, or addictive behaviors.  They make it about family and the obstacles they overcome in starting over again.

6/10 stars.  This is an interesting look into French crime and entertaining to watch.


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