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Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst 2015 series

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The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst is a 2015 HBO series produced and directed by Andrew Jarecki.

2 out of 10 stars. This is a 6 hour series that should’ve been one hour.  Seriously.

There’s a lot of fluffy and self-admiration by Jarecki in this “documentary”.  None of that is important.  Everything you need to know is in the last 10 minutes of the film when Durst confesses to all three murders.

The Three Murders

1982,  Westchester, New York:  The Murder of Kathy Durst

Stephen’s wife Kathy is a at a party and he calls demanding she come home.  She’s scared and tells her best friend she’s terrified he’s going to kill her and if she disappears to please go to the police.  The next morning she disappears and the police, led by Detective Struk, refuses to search the house or question the millionaire husband, Robert Durst even as the evidence against him piles up.  Three days before Kathy disappeared she’d finally gotten the courage to hire a divorce attorney and that morning, the attorney had presented Robert with a settlement proposal.  Robert refused to settle and the same day his wife mysteriously disappears.

Ed Wright was a former cop hired by Robert’s lawyer to get confidential police information on the investigation into Kathy’s disappearance as it was occurring.  Robert’s alibi changed 3 times.  He erroneously reported that Kathy was seen the following morning at their NYC penthouse by the doorman.  The doorman at their NYC penthouse never saw Kathy.

December 24, 2000, Beverly Hills, California:  The Murder of Susan Berman

Susan Berman was Robert’s best friend he met in college.  She covered for Robert, gave him an alibi, and probably helped him dispose of Kathy’s body in 1982.  She was the daughter of rich Las Vegas mobster who was also a bank robber.  Susan admired her father and that’s why she adored Robert Durst.  She had her father’s mug shot framed and hung it on her living room wall.  But by December 2000 she’d fallen on hard times and was constantly asking Stephen for money.  The day he is scheduled to visit her she is found shot in the head in her Beverly Hills home.  There is no forced entry.  She let her killer in meaning she knew him. A day later the police receive a letter from the killer telling them there is a cadaver (a term Kathy used in medical school to refer to dead bodies) at Susan’s home.  The handwriting is Robert’s and matches perfectly all the samples giving to a forensic handwriting analyst.  One of those samples was a letter sent to Susan from Robert a month before the murder.

2001, Galveston, Texas:  The Murder and Dismemberment of Morris Black

A torso washes up on the coast and the police begin tracing it’s origin.  Black garbage bags show up in the same vicinity all filled with other body parts, except the head.  The head is never recovered.  Police quickly identify Morris Black from the garbage in those garbage bags.  Newspapers had the address label still attached and it was Morris Black’s apartment, right across from the apartment of an old mute, deaf woman named Dorothy Ciner.  Dorothy Ciner, they discover, is actually Robert Durst dressing as a woman.

Police immediately search the trash behind the house and recover receipts for the saw and dropcloth used in dismembering the body, and also prescription eyeglasses belonging to Robert Durst.  They catch Robert as he’s picking up the eyeglasses from the eye doctor.  In his car is the saw used to dismember Morris Black.

Durst spends $1.8 million on two lawyers to defend him and he gets off claiming self defense.  He is acquitted, believe it or not.  Anything goes in Texas.

The Evidence

There’s a massive amount of tangible evidence against Durst for all three murders.  But almost $2 million in attorneys’ fees really does buy a better defense.  Even though he had more than a dozen aliases, had fled jurisdictions all over the country, and had dozens of women testify to his brutality, he was never convicted of any of the murders he committed.

In the last 10 minutes of the documentary, he confesses in the bathroom to all three murders.  :0

2 out of 10 stars.  This was really sloppy.  Notice the dates were never given for any of these crimes or investigations.  The series jumped all over the place and confused much of the audience with which crime they were currently giving evidence for.  Jarecki spends more time with the camera on himself than on Durst and says he likes him.  Apparently, not as much as he likes himself.  Barely watchable and too confusing.


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