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Jack Ryan series

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On September 1, 2018, Amazon Studios released an eight part series (eight hours) called Jack Ryan after the famous Tom Clancy character.

10 out of 10 stars. One of the best series this year. With Amazon Studios it’s always a crap shoot. This one’s a keeper.

Jack Ryan is a financial analyst with the CIA. He’s a paper pusher. But he comes across six transfers of cash totalling over $9 million into an anonymous account in Yemen. So he reports it to his new boss, Jim Greer, what he finds and feels it’s overlooked. When Jack is at a birthday party for an old friend he meets the man’s daughter, Cathy Mueller, and he’s immediately attracted to her. Then a helicopter shows up and takes him to an airport where Jim is waiting. It turns out Jim didn’t take his report lightly and has been following the phone tied to the transfers. Now they have two men in custody in Yemen and they’re flying there.

In Yemen, everyone assumes the well-dressed man is the terrorist Suleman they’re looking for, the man behind the $9 million. But Jack has dinner with the other man, the supposed bodyguard, and questions him. In less than an hour after arriving the compound is attacked and they free Suleman, the bodyguard Jack was questioning. So begins the eight hour odyssey trying to track down a terrorist.

Loved John Krasinski as Jack Ryan. With that nose he doesn’t look even remotely Irish, but so what? Love his low-brow attitude and the way he simply does not know how to deal with chicks. 🙂 Cathy’s character was a little bit of a disappointment. The original Cathy was an eye surgeon who worked primarily on children. In this incarnation, Cathy is an infectious disease doctor, updated for the current decade.

The series managed to show us what the CIA looks like now (they’re officers, not agents), how terrorist money is being transferred (sim cards and phone transfers), and how information is gathered and informants turned in order to catch terrorists. It also manages to show how a terrorist is born. Suleman’s home town in Lebanon was bombed as an adolescent and he was sent to France. His brother was in the process of being arrested by French police for drug trafficking and carrying an armed weapon when Mousa (Suleman) intervenes and attacks the police. He is then put in a French prison for several years where he becomes a terrorist. He wasn’t born one; he was made into one by the French prison system.

10 out of 10 stars. Worth watching.

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