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Interrogation 2020 series

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Interrogation is a 2020 series of 10 one hour episodes.

0 out of 10 stars.  I honestly wish I hadn’t wasted any time on this.  Supposedly you are to watch these episodes in any order because they are told out of sequence.  It’s a true story of a 17 year old drug addict who brutally murdered his mother then his father tried helping him cover it up (like deleting his confession from the voicemail).  Eventually he’s freed by a greedy PI determined to get rich by suing the City of Los Angeles in the wake of the Rodney King riots.  Even though the DA refused to retry him (for cost reasons and because he’d already served 26 years), the DA’s team listened to the 9-1-1 calls from Eric Fisher and realized he murdered his mother.  As if all the other overwhelming amount of evidence wasn’t enough.

In 1983 Sherman Oaks, California (a suburb of Los Angeles), Eric Fisher calls 9-1-1 screaming at police to rush to his home because crazed hippies have murdered his mother, Mary Fisher.  9-1-1 hangs up and calls back.  Suddenly Eric is calm as a cucumber then suddenly, realizing he’s talking to 9-1-1 dispatch, becomes excited again.  Detective David Russell immediately knows Eric is lying.  He’s high on drugs and he wasted 20 minutes carefully removed the glass louvres from the window before removing the screen to get inside to save his mom.  He shows no signs of loss or being disturbed at his mother’s death or the crime scene (which is brutal).  Plus he knows exactly how much money was stolen from her purse.  Within a couple of days, Russell has enough for the DA to prosecute Eric for the murder of his mother, even though Eric’s dad, Henry Fisher, destroyed evidence and paid a great deal of money to Eric’s drug friends and to lawyers to try to get his son off.  Henry was a serial cheater and looking for a way to dispose of his wife, so he supported Eric.  And of course he married one of his mistresses, Faith, within months of Mary’s murder.  It was also revealed in one of the episodes that Mary and Henry adopted Eric because he was the illegitimate child of one of Henry’s mistresses.  Mary loved him anyway.

For the first 13 years of his prison sentence, Eric is in a juvenile facility.  Then when his parole hearing goes awry, he’s taken to adult prison, finally.  And after another 13 years, the Rodney King riots happen in Los Angeles and PI’s and lawyers are crawling out of the woodwork taking on “wrongful incarceration” lawsuits against Los Angeles Police Department trying to get rich.  One of these PI’s, Charlie Shannon, approaches Eric and convinces him to give him money to get him out.  So Henry leaves a small fortune to lawyers for Eric’s legal defense after he dies of COPD.  Charlie is one of their expenditures.

Charlie has no friends on the police force.  He used to be a cop and was forced out, which is one of the reasons he’s stewing up cases against  the Los Angeles Police Force.  His only friend is in Internal Investigations.  So he takes what little evidence he has and gives it to his friend, Sergeant Ian Lynch.  And Ian helps get Eric out by violating police procedures.  In fact, the only new evidence he has is testimony from several of Eric’s drug addict friends who hope to get rich from testifying on his behalf.  The DA chooses not to retry Eric for monetary reasons (following the Rodney King riots there were literally thousands of lawsuits against LAPD and the City of LA) even though they have massive evidence against Eric.  Eric confessed multiple times, knew details only the killer would know, and was heard confessing by multiple people not involved in drugs or in the case.  Charlie Shannon, on the other hand, only had people on his payroll who only got paid if they came up with something that would help get Eric off, including his drug addict friends.  Incidentally, in Eric’s confession he details how he and Chris Keller murdered his mother together.  It wasn’t until he found out that Chris committed suicide by drug overdose that he started publicly blaming Chris because otherwise Chris would have outed him.

Unless you lived in California at the time of the Rodney King riots, I don’t think you can possibly understand just how messed up the LA Police Department was afterward.  There were lawsuits coming from everywhere, most of them completely unfounded, and in the wake of the City’s bankruptcy, getting justice in LA became a rich person’s dream.  Everyone was too afraid of lawsuits.  The hero in this Eric Fisher mess was Detective David Russell, who lost his job (he was forcibly retired), his wife, and his daughter following Eric’s release from prison and false accusations that Russell had framed him.  Russell is a unique guy, one that respects women and treats them well.  Eric is the opposite, a user and abuser of women.  Russell first met Eric Fisher when Fisher reported being assaulted by his ex-girlfriend and her Marine brother.  When he went to speak with the ex-girlfriend, he discovered that Eric had violently beat her, kicked her in the head, and threatened to kill her.  Her brother helped her escape and didn’t hit Eric until Eric started hitting her again.  Eric also gave this teenage girl herpes which he got from his many sex partners who were all drug addicts.  He was her first boyfriend.  When Mary Fisher was murdered less than two weeks later, Russell already knew about Eric’s history of violence.  Henry Fisher had paid the ex-girlfriend’s dad a great deal of money to stop her from pressing charges against him.  So it was no surprise that he thought he’d get off killing his mother for $150.  :0

0 out of 10 stars.  Peter Sarsgaard is in this and he’s an excellent actor.  Everyone else was dreadful, especially the actor who plays Eric Fisher.  The sickening things Eric and his drug addict friends did, like killing baby birds and raping and beating women, was really hard to watch.  This entire series should have only been one hour with just the facts, not recreations of Eric’s multiple lies.  He had a new story about what happened every round of litigation.

If you do watch this.  Start with episode 3.  When you see Eric kick his girlfriend in the head, that’s what he did to his mom.  His shoe print was found on her back.  If you want to watch more, move onto episode 5.  Pay attention to how disturbed Chris is by the photos of Mary’s head.  If you’re really a glutton for punishment, watch episode 4 starting at 14 minutes.  This is Eric’s graphic confession to a shrink about how he murdered his mother, a confession which he thought would be private.  These are details only the killer would know and they fit with every piece of physical evidence.  He feels no remorse, no shame.


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