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Infinite 2021 film

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Infinite is a 2021 science fiction film.

2 out of 10 stars.  This is a series of car chases combined with CGI fighting scenes.  Unless you’re really into car chases, you’ll be bored.  It’s also a ripoff of the film Highlander with immortals who remember their previous lives.  I was really shocked this was an Antoine Fuqua film.  :0

Evan Macauley is an out of work maitre’d who’s diagnosed with schizophrenia.  But he keeps dreaming that he’s someone else.  And these recurring memories/dreams are now coming while he’s awake.  Then he gets caught in a drug shootout when he tries selling a Samurai sword for the drugs that control his dreams and he goes to jail.

In jail a guy comes to see him, claiming to have known him since the Second Punic War.  And this guy starts shooting at him.  Then a car breaks through the jail wall (poor CGI) and a woman starts shooting.  She tells him to get in and takes him to the airport.  They fly to Tibet.

She explains to him that they are infinites, souls who remember previous lives.  And the bad guy is Bathurst, an infinite who wants to stop reincarnating.  Apparently, Bathurst created a global killer virus that attacks DNA and destroys all life.  Macauley stole it, killed every one of Bathurst’s people so they couldn’t recreate it, then hid it.  It’s called the egg (more dumb).

The rest of the film is Macauley trying to remember who he really is and Bathurst torturing and killing people on his way to finding Macauley, who is now called Treadway (his previous life).

2 out of 10 stars.  This is a ripoff of Highlander with an X-Men vibe.  But the thread trying to hold all these scenes together in some semblance of plot is really weak.  The constant backstory dump was also distracting.  If you can’t weave the history into the story without everyone suddenly stopping and regurgitating 20 minutes of backstory, then it’s pretty poorly written.


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