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I Want You Back (2022 film)

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I Want You Back is a 2022 film about two people who work in the same building and get dumped by their lovers on the same day.  They hatch a plot to get them back.

0/10 stars. I can tell this was written by a man.

This is a film about two couples that break up. Peter, the guy whose girlfriend dumped him, works in the same building as Emma, the girl whose boyfriend dumped her. They hatch up a plot to get their exes back. So Emma becomes part of the middle school play that Peter’s ex and her boyfriend are doing together and Peter starts training with Emma’s ex. Fast forward several months later and Emma has successfully broken up Peter’s ex and her boyfriend Logan, but Peter has somehow managed to convince Emma’s ex that he should marry his new girlfriend Ginny. :0

So the two part. Peter goes back to his girlfriend who has dumped Logan. And Emma’s ex and his new girlfriend invite her to their wedding. And Peter insists that they can’t be friends anymore lest someone figure out what they did. Here’s where the film fails horribly. One of the unspoken rules of romance is that once the heroine and hero meet, they dont’ sleep with anyone else. But Peter does and he dumps his friendship with Emma. At the wedding he changes his mind. Then all six of them are stuck on the riverboat because the wedding is a three-day event.

The last 30 minutes of this film are so bad, there’s no rating I can give this but a 0. Really, it’s dreadful.

0/10 stars. Some people don’t know how to write romance films. This was awful.

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