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I Care A Lot 2021 film

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I Care A Lot is a 2021 Netflix film about legal guardianship gone awry.

0 out of 10 stars.  If I could give these vile piece of garbage a negative 25, I would.  It’s offensive in so many ways.

This film encourages all of the worst stereotypes:

  1. Old people are unloved, ignored, and worthless people that no one will miss.
  2. Lesbians are materialistic, narcissistic, and have no respect for others.
  3. Russian mobsters are dumb, bumbling fools.
  4. Black judges are ignorant and can be fooled easily.

This film is marketed as “a delicious revenge film”.  It’s not.  It’s pretty vile and centers around a system that makes money from committing old people then robbing them blind.

Marla Grayson is a rich white lesbian who has several doctors and assisted living homes  on her payroll as well as lawyers and judges.  She finds a rich person with no family (or family with no money to fight her) and maneuvers them into the hands of one of her paid doctors.  The doctor declares them unable to care for themselves in a private hearing that the person is completely unaware of.  Then she takes the cops to the old person’s house and takes them into custody then delivers them to one of her assisted living facilities where their phone is immediately taken from them and they are drugged.  It’s called legal guardianship and unfortunately it has become a way for vile people to get rich under the guise of caring for old people.  They drug the victims so they are too incoherent to fight.  And within a week, Marla has emptied their homes, sold all of their things, and put their house up for sale.  All of this money goes into a fund she manages and drains with all of her “associates”.  All of these vile people feed off that money until the person either dies or the money runs out.  The miraculously the old person is suddenly declared healthy by one of Marla’s doctors and released into the world with no home and no money.

The film centers around an old woman Marla has committed who happens to be the mother of a Russian mobster who faked his own death.  And mom is holding about two million dollars worth of diamonds for him.  The son first tries legally to get his mother released.  When that doesn’t work, he sends three thugs who are arrested.  And finally he resorts to killing people.  First, he kills the doctor who had his mom committed.  Second, his men beat up Marla’s Hispanic lesbian lover and leave her in the house with the gas on so she’ll die.  Third, they kidnap Marla and, when she won’t cooperate, they drug her and send her car off a cliff into the ocean.  Marla survives and saves her lover.  Rather than running for their lives, they plot to kidnap the Russian mobster (who is a dwarf), and make him one of Marla’s guardians.  Marla memorizes the license plate number of the car and her lover traces it to a house.  It turns out to be the chauffeur, not the mobster.  They follow it then hijack the car with tasers (highly unlikely).  They kidnap the mobster, strip him naked, drug him, and leave him on a road.  He is found filled with drugs and with no ID, so the law requires a legal guardian be appointed for him.  They appoint Marla.  She agrees to let him free if he’ll give her $10 million.  He proposes she become his business partner instead.  So she frees his mom, frees him, and they go into business creating a national corporation that imprisons old people and steals all their money.

At the very end, after she’s rich and has everything she wants, she’s gunned down in the street by the son of one of her victims.  His mother died in her care after they robbed her of everything, including her freedom, and never allowed her son to see her.

0 out of 10 stars.  It’s deplorable that Netflix made this into a film then tricked people into watching it.  As a film production company, they have a responsibility to shape the future into a world that’s worth living in, not encouraging young people to make a living by killing old people for their money and using the legal system to do it.  They have a responsibility to not encourage racist, sexist, ageist, and homophobic stereotypes.  Shame on you, Netflix.  And shame on J Blakeson for writing this crap.


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