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I Am All Girls (2021)

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I Am All Girls is a 2021 South African film about the abduction of hundreds of young black girls who were sold into sex slavery to Middle Eastern men.

10 out of 10 stars.  This was a beautifully crafted revenge plot based on a true crime.

On January 15, 1990, Gert Van Rooyen, a pedophile who kidnapped, raped, and sold little girls killed his accomplice Joey Haarhoff then killed himself.  He was directly connected to six missing girls.  Gert’s son Flippie claimed that three National Party Ministers were involved in his pedophile smuggling ring.

The six girls were kidnapped between 1988 and 1989.  They were believed to have kidnapped, raped, and sex trafficked hundreds of young black girls to Middle Eastern clients.  The girls disappeared and were never seen again.

This film has taken that true crime account, changed it somewhat, then added a fictional story of cops hunting the pedophile ring.  If you’re going to write a revenge flick, this is how you do it.

The film begins in 1994 Johannesburg, South Africa.  Gert de Jager is arrested for the kidnapping of six girls.  He confesses to more than 40 kidnappings.  He says that he and his girlfriend kidnapped the girls for a National Party Cabinet minister who raped them then sold most of them to Arab men in exchange for oil.  The rest he killed.  They had a private farm in Brakpan and a private air strip next to it.

As a female cop Jodie tries finding who’s behind a local trafficking ring, pedophiles begin popping up dead with the initials of their victims carved in their chests.

1.  Carel Oupa is found dead with TSC carved in his chest.  TSC=Tarrynlee Shaw Carter.

2.  A pedophile pimp is found dead at a brothel with FH carved in his chest. FH=Frances Hughes.

3.  A shipyard manager is found dead with JH carved in his chest.  JH=Jenna Hartley.

The police connect the missing girls found in the shipyard container to waybills and transportation logs leading to the arrests of:  a.  Pastor Marius Groenewald; b.  Tina Moloi, Primary School Principal; c.  John Marais, a businessman;  and d.  Salim and Parwaz Kahn, shippers.  They are all arrested, but Salim is released.

4.  Salim and Parwaz are found dead with AV and OB carved in their chests.  AV=Abigail Viljoen.  OB=Olivia Booysen.

At this point, Jodie figures out that the killer is her lesbian lover who was one of the pedophile ring’s victims.  And she leaves Jodie the videotape of de Jeger’s confession with a photo of the Cabinet Minister who raped her.  Jodie goes to the air strip where the Arabs are to pick up the latest shipment of girls and another cop is already there and killed.  She arrests the Cabinet Minister, but her girlfriend shows up and is shot by a sniper.  The Cabinet Minister gets away..  So do the Arabs with the six girls they bought.  (They come every two weeks and buy six girls each time.)

Weeks later, Jodie kills the Cabinet Minister dressed as her dead girlfriend.  She carves her girlfriend’s initials, NB, into his chest.  Then she gets on a plane and leaves South Africa.

10 out of 10 stars.  This starts off slowly, but it’s a great revenge flick.  The title refers to the lesbian lover’s African name which means “all girls”.


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