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Homeland Season 3

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Homeland is a SHOWTIME series now in its 8th season.

0 out of 10 for Season 3.  There are just too many things wrong with this season.

The first season of Homeland was about an American POW named Nicholas Brody captured, tortured, and turned by terrorists into becoming a suicide bomber and the CIA officer who figures this out, Carrie Matheson.

The second season of Homeland was about the love affair between Brody and Carrie and her turning him against the terrorist cell who tortured him.

The third season of Homeland is about a long range goal of moving an American asset into the top position of Iran’s Security Agency.  The plot behind this season relies heavily on four people:

MAJID JAVADI 1.  A bloodthirsty Iranian who has embezzled $45 million from Iran’s Security Agency’s terrorist fund.

CARRIE MATHESON 2.  A CIA officer who is bipolar, pregnant, and in love with America’s Most Wanted Man, Nicholas Brody.

SAUL BERENSON 3.  The temporary head of the CIA, an old Jewish CIA officer whose wife is sleeping with an Israeli spy and who is about to retire in two months.

NICHOLAS BRODY 4.  A tortured Marine who has severe PTSD and has been framed for the bombing of the CIA which resulted in the death of more than 200 Americans.

More than once this season the plans Saul puts in motion go very awry and yet he is still in charge of the CIA.  By the end of the season his nemesis is appointed to replace him, Senator Andrew Lockhart.  All of these mistakes and bad choices show the really bad side of the CIA which puts evil people in power in other countries to benefit our country and most of the time there is no benefit to our country.  In the case of this season Javadi has murdered thousands of people and before surrendering to the CIA murders his ex-wife and daughter-in-law in a brutal home invasion scene.

It’s also very difficult to like any of these people because not only are they putting monsters in power in other countries, they’re leaving their own people and their assets out to be killed including Brody.  Whatever happened to the Marine motto Leave no man behind?  The CIA certainly doesn’t follow that even when they send in the Marines to help them get people out.  The season ends with Brody being publicly hanged in front of Carrie for killing the head of Iran’s Security Agency so Javadi can move into that spot.  Javadi immediately has him hanged and the CIA endorses that hanging, breaking their promise to Brody to get him out.  :0

0 out of 10 stars.  When the entire season is about recruiting someone for a mission, training them to perform that mission, watching them execute that mission, then having him hanged for doing his job, that’s a really awful season.  There’s no reward to the viewer for watching this season, quite the opposite.



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