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Have You Seen Andy (film)

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Have You Seen Andy is a 2003 HBO documentary on the disappearance in 1976 of 10 year old Angelo Puglisi in Lawrence, Massachusetts from the state pool.

8 out of 10 stars.  This was eye opening on the way the justice system works and how poorly the police department failed this family and Andy’s friends.

In the summer of 1976 Andy Puglisi went to the state pool across the street from the Stadium Projects where he lived.  He was accompanied by at least three siblings and several friends.  He was seen there throughout the day by friends, adults, lifeguards, and others.  Then sometime between 2 pm and 3 pm he left with a small boy named Ray Clarke and one of his younger siblings to help a man search for his missing dog.  Andy was a sweet boy, always looking out for the younger kids and for his younger siblings.  He walked his younger sibling home then joined Ray and the man looking for his dog.  The man turned out to be 6’4″ Wayne W Chapman, a serial killer and pedophile who the previous year had abducted two boys and raped them right next to the state pool in the woods between the pool and the freeway.

When Andy and Roy began looking for the dog for Chapman, Andy sensed something wrong.  Then two adult men came out of the woods to join them and Andy pushed Roy forward up a hill and told him to run.  As Roy ran toward the state pool he glanced behind him when he heard Andy screaming.  Two men were on top of him, holding him down, and hurting him.  Andy was never seen again and Roy, so traumatized by what he’d seen, didn’t relay what had happened to the police until 6 years later.

Lawrence police questioned Chapman and even interviewed him about Andy while he was under the influence of sodium amytal (truth serum).  Chapman admitted to being the man with Andy and Roy.  Although Chapman was arrested, tried, and convicted for the rape of the two boys the year before, he was never even charged with Andy’s murder, a failure that was never rectified.

Probably the most disturbing thing about this documentary is that it reveals Lawrence, Massachusetts to be a hub for pedophiles and child pornography on the east coast.  Police knew this and never warned the poor families who lived there.  Children had been abducted, raped, and murdered in the area and they were never informed of this either.  Had they known they never would’ve let their children go to the pool alone.

The second suspect in Andy’s disappearance was Charles Pierce.  Pierce was convicted of abducting, raping, and murdering a 10 year old girl 10 miles from where Andy disappeared.  He was a serial killer and pedophile who, while in prison, confessed to killing a boy in Lawrence in 1976.  Only one boy went missing in Lawrence in 1976, Andy Puglisi.  Pierce died on 2/18/1999 and immediately before his death confessed to several murders.  He was a necrophiliac who killed kids then raped them.

The psychologists in charge of Chapman’s care at the treatment facility where he was incarcerated for the 1975 rape of the two Lawrence boys (the year before Andy disappeared) said that it is typical for Chapman’s type of pedophilia to go through 400-500 victims.  He was violent and sadistic.  Chapman had a bloody sock in his possession that belonged to Andy’s sister.  Andy was wearing those socks the day he disappeared.  When police moved in to question Chapman at the treatment facility, the ACLU protected him from being interviewed.  :0 Chapman’s job at the time was incinerating animals at the local hospital.  He could’ve incinerated hundreds of children without anyone’s knowledge.  He was never questioned because of the ACLU’s interference.

On the day that Andy disappeared, there were five known pedophiles at that pool.  Lawrence was a haven for pedophiles.  Days before Andy’s disappearance Andy brought home a Polaroid photo of himself and showed his mother, saying that a man had taken several photos of him.  According to the Lawrence police department, the pedophile network working out of Lawrence trades Polaroid photos of children they’ve raped like baseball cards.  :0

Over the last 40 years the Lawrence Police Department has been offered all kinds of forensic help and equipment free of charge to help in solving Andy’s disappearance.  They’ve refused all of it.

In 2007, the Supreme Court returned Chapman to the treatment center for sadistic sex crimes.  He’s still there, although his sentence is reviewed annually.

8 out of 10 stars.  This documentary could’ve been done in half the time, but it was worth watching.  It should be required viewing for all parents.

Have You Seen Andy film review | Book Addicts

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