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Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli

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Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli is a sewing book with 21 projects.

3 out of 10 stars.  This was a very basic sewing book with mediocre projects.  I would not be inclined to try any of these.  I was also dismayed that no information was given on the photographs throughout the book and those projects were not included.  I would have loved to have made some of those.  So this book is kind of a bait-and-switch.  The photos you see that you like are not of projects actually in the book.  It’s more of one long advertisement and some very simple projects. The price of this book is $27.50.  :0  I think all of that money went to advertising.  It certainly didn’t go to the book.


  1. A basic square ruffled pillow
  2. A hexagon patchwork pillow
  3. A pillow with “Happy Home” written on it
  4. A basic one panel drape
  5. A box with fabric glued to it
  6. A basket with artificial flowers glued to it
  7. A basic hard-handled tote
  8. A very small drawstring laundry bag
  9. A dog bed cover (think zippered pillowcase)
  10. A floppy hat that requires a special interfacing called Shape-Flex (not sold in stores)
  11. A paper banner
  12. Large pom-poms made from paper and glue
  13. A basic tablecloth and napkins
  14. An apron copied from McCalls 4243, Simplicity 233, Simplicity 0967 and Simplicity 1554 (all the same apron)
  15. A basic Christmas stocking
  16. A basic pillowcase with a crocheted edge
  17. A pleated bed skirt
  18. A basic square piece quilt
  19. A plain duvet cover
  20. A fabric headboard (using screws and glue)
  21. A two panel bed canopy (not a real bed canopy, more like what’s used in Africa for mosquitoes)

There are several beautiful dresses and other housewares scattered throughout this book in numerous photos that are NOT included in this book.  I imagine there are others who thought they were and paid the hefty $27.50 price tag only to be as disappointed as I was.  🙁

3 out of 10 stars.  This is a bait-and-switch book.  Most of the projects in the photos are NOT included.  Those were the only interesting ones.

Reviewed by Colleen.



The only project worth doing was the apron and it was plagiarized from Simplicity.  Look below.

If you want to make this apron, it’s pretty easy.  There is no pattern or template in the book, only written instructions and measurements which you can do without the book (which plagiarized simplicity).  There are no dimensions given for the ruffle but generally a ruffle is twice the width of the fabric it’s attache to and 3″ to 5″ in length.



Girls XS and S


Girls M and L


Womens XS-M


Womens L-XL


BODY (1 pc)


22″ x 24″


26″ x 27″


29″ x 31″


33″ x 34″


(for straps and edges)

3/8 yd


3/8 yd


3/8 yd


3/8 yd



(from top edge)









  1. Cut the fabric pieces.
  2. Measure the width of the bust needed for the person wearing it (use measuring tape).  Cut a piece of bias tape that length and use as casing for gathering the bodice with elastic.  Measure down from the top of the apron and place the casing and elastic.
  3. Sew bias tape to the edges of the apron all the way around.
  4. Cut the remaining bias tape into for pieces.  Attach two as the neckties and two as the waist ties.
  5. Add a ruffle if you like.



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