Life, a terrifying sci-fi film for Halloween

Happy Halloween 2017

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If you’re looking for new horror films to add to your Halloween movie-a-thon, here are our picks:

1922, an exceptionally scary movie for Halloween


1922 is a Stephen King novella set in rural Nebraska during the year 1922. The novella is not nearly as dramatic as the film which I enjoyed.

It begins with a quarrel between Wilfred James and his wife Arlette. While their neighbors the Cotteries have running water, a freshly painted barn, and new appliances, Wilfred is so cheap he has made zero improvements to their farm in the past fifteen years. So Arlette plans on selling the 100 acres of land her father willed to her to the Farringtons so she can move to Omaha and open up a dress shop. That would leave Wilfred with his original 80 acres.

Wilfred isn’t about to let her do that, so he begins plotting Arlette’s murder. Their fourteen year old son Henry “Hank” is in love with the Cotterie’s daughter Shannon. So Wilfred convinces Hank if they don’t kill Arlette that she’ll take Hank to Omaha and he’ll never see Shannon again. That evening Wilfred tells Arlette she’s right and they can all sell the farm and move to Omaha so she can be happy. Arlette is ecstatic and drinks too much wine until she is falling down drunk. Wilfred tucks her into bed and a second later Hank covers her head with a pillowcase and proceeds to strangle his mother to death. She fights back and overwhelms Hank so Wilfred takes a knife to her throat and kills her. Then the two of them dump her body in the old dried up well.

That initial murder sets Wilfred and Hank on a path of destruction. Before long both of their lives will be completely destroyed, as well as the farm and Hank’s love Shannon, all directly as a result of their actions. It’s like one big long karma slap again and again which is probably why it’s actually funny to watch. Ironically enough it becomes clear toward the end of the film that everything would’ve been so much better if they had just sold the farm like Arlette wanted and moved to Omaha. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Few Stephen King novels translate well into films. This is one of the exceptions. 10 out of 10 stars for an unusual Halloween film.

Life, a terrifying sci-fi film for Halloween


Life is a 2017 science fiction film about a microscopic life form brought from Mars onto an Earth space station. What begins as a simple science experiment turns into a fight for survival against a life form the astronauts know nothing about.

The film is set in the distant future at a time when countries have banded together to create a manned space station orbiting Earth. They send out probes to planets and receive the samples from those probes and process them. Recently they just received the samples from Mars which include a microscopic life form they dub Calvin. At first Calvin is smaller than the eye can see, but after being zapped with various types of radiation, it suddenly grows to the size of a mouse. During a lab accident, Calvin goes dormant, so the lab scientist Hugh zaps it with electricity. That makes Calvin hostile and he crushes Hugh’s hand. It a brilliant escape plan, Calvin uses one of the lab implements to break through the lab seal (which is essentially a thick glove) and is suddenly free of his prison. The rest of the film is the crew fighting back, trying to expel Calvin from the space station, as they die one by one.

This is a terrifying film. Just like the Alien movies, Calvin starts small and grows exponentially until he’s quite large and able to crush a human body easily. He’s also pretty vicious in the way he kills the crew. Ew. The CGI was incredible. He looked real to me, like a cross between a praying mantis and a bat ray. :0

10 out of 10 stars for a very scary Halloween movie.

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