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Happy Friday the 13th!

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For your viewing pleasure this evening, on this most unique of events, may we suggest the following scary movies:

  1. The Dyatlov Incident (aka Devil’s Pass): It starts out hokey with the found footage but gets really scary really fast.  Pay attention to the details.  The answers are all there and yes, these guys are toast. 😉
  2. Whiteout: A killer loose in the Antarctic during a blizzard, what could be more scary?
  3. Skeleton Key:  Whatever you do, don’t believe, because then they have power over your soul!
  4. The Mothman Prophecies: Mothman have been around for decades; this one has a happy ending.
  5. The Pact: Creepy serial killer hiding under the floorboards. :0
  6. Pitch Black: Spaceship crashes on an alien planet with deadly creatures and a serial killer on board.
  7. 10 Cloverfield Lane: A woman wakes up after a car accident the prisoner of a serial killer in the middle of a hostile alien invasion.  Some girls just can’t catch a break.
  8. 6 Souls: An evil reverend from 1918 is collecting souls and the psychologist who’s trying to save him is next.
  9. Alien Nation: Aliens land and become our refugees, but when they come up with a drug that makes them invincible watch out or we’ll become the next endangered species.
  10. Fallen: An evil demon is hopping from one body to the next and has his sights set on a cop and his family.

There you have it, a great list to scare you senseless!  Now why don’t they write novels like this?  Wouldn’t you want to read these plots?

Reviewed by Devin.

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