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Hangar 1 (series)

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Hangar 1 is a 2014 series about UFO evidence held by the MUFON network (Mutual UFO Network).

10 out of 10 stars.  This is one of those documentaries that makes you sit on the couch and watch.  These are taken from official written documents.

Episode 1  Presidential Encounters

In 1947 a UFO crashes on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.  President Truman suppresses that information.

In 1952 there are multiple UFO sightings over Washington, D.C.  When asked, President Truman is evasive.  The Robertson Panel forms and decides to suppress all UFO information and to monitor any UFO groups to discredit them.

In 1954 President Eisenhower meets an extra-terrestrial.  Immediately after this encounter he issues a top secret memo stating that the country’s official stance on UFO’s is that they don’t exist.

In 1961, John F Kennedy learns there are UFO’s in our air space.

In 1963, the Soviets launch an unmanned spacecraft that disappears before reaching outside of our atmosphere.  JFK orders the secret exchange of information with Russia on UFOs, but he is assassinated before that order can be carried out (10 days later).

In 1967 red glowing UFOs appear over a Montana air force base where there are missile silos.  The missiles go offline.  Over the next two years, these red glowing UFOs will reappear frequently and each time they appear, the missiles will go offline.  There is no explanation for why the system would experience this massive failure.

In 1969 Jimmy Carter is running for governor and witnesses a UFO above his rally.  There are numerous witnesses.

In 1971 President Nixon and Russian sign a nuclear treaty to notify each other if they have launched any missiles.  This is to avoid any confusion over the UFOs in each other’s air space.

In 1973 Jimmy Carter completes an official UFO report.

In 1974 President Nixon takes his friend Jackie Gleeson to the Homestead Air Force Base and shows him six to eight glass top freezers.  Inside are alien bodies.

In 1974 Governor Ronald Reagan is in a plane flying over California when he sees a UFO.  Multiple witnesses on the plane see the same UFO. Several months later, Reagan tells a journalist.  When he runs for president, he intentionally chooses George H.W. Bush as his running mate so he can access the country’s information on UFOs.

In 1976 President Carter meets with the Director of the CIA, George H.W. Bush, on the subject of UFOs.  After this meeting Carter is visibly shaken and is seen with his head on his desk crying.  Shortly after this, the CIA issues an order to all government agencies not to disclose any UFO information to anyone, including the president.  All UFO information is guarded by a covert agency named MJ-12.  George H.W. Bush is MJ-12.

In 1988 George H.W. Bush is questioned in Arkansas on the subject of UFOs.  He tells the crowd “I know a lot about UFOs.”

In 1993 when President Bill Clinton takes office, he immediately requests access to all of the UFO information stored in top secret files.  The CIA stonewalls all of his efforts.  He opens a re-investigation of the Roswell incident, hoping this will give answers.  The CIA stonewalls his efforts until he gives up.

In 2008 President Obama promises full disclosure to the American public of all government information on UFOs.  Almost immediately when asked, Obama becomes dismissive and says, “There is no evidence yet”.

Episode 2 Underground Bases

This is one of the scariest episodes of the series and you’ll soon find out why.

In 1980 a government engineer named Phil Schneider encounters constantly breaking drill bits while building an underground military base.  Schneider is a structural engineer and a geologist.  He is lowered into the drilling hole to try to discover what is breaking the drill bits.  He finds himself in a massive cavern, what appears to be an alien underground base with 30 very large gray aliens staring at him.  Instinctively, he grabs for his gun and begins firing.  The aliens fire back at him with some type of laser weapon which leaves a massive scar on Schneider’s chest.  These weapons also take two of his fingers.  Schneider only escapes because a soldier gives his life to get him out.

In 1995 Schneider becomes deeply disturbed by the preponderance of evidence that there alien underground bases all over the country.  He decides to go public about his encounter.  (In fact, video clips of his public appearances are shown in the series.)  He travels around to conferences sharing his story and showing his scars from the alien weapon.  There are multiple attempts on his life until he is finally murdered in January of 1996.

During World War 2, the Nazis has underground bunkers all over the world including Antarctica.  At the end of the war, a U.S. military fleet of ships was sent to Antarctica to find the Nazi bunker in Operation Highjump.  The USSR also has documentation of this expedition.  As the fleet approaches, a UFO comes out of the water, flies out of range of their weapons, then comes back and fires on them.  In the face of superior weapons and stealth technology, the U.S. fleet retreats.  Although the event becomes classified, Admiral Bird gives an interview to a South American journalist that the alien ships they encountered could fly “pole to pole at incredible speeds.”  The U.S. becomes convinced that the Nazis were working with aliens in these underground bunkers which explains how they acquired many of their technological advancements and why they experimented on humans.

There are documented reports of an alien underwater base near Catalina Island, California.  Scientists studying there have seen alien ships around the island and UFOs leaving green luminescent trails.

There are also documented reports of an alien underground base beneath Denver International Airport.  An entire episode is devoted to reports of this base.

There is a U.S. underground base in Cheyenne Mountain where NORAD is located.  It is the size of a small city.  Many believe this was built in response to our UFO knowledge of underground bases.

In 1972 Aberdeen Proving Ground, a pilot making an emergency landing witnesses the earth opening up like a zipper, revealing an underground base.

The last part of this episode are eyewitness accounts of underground bases that are jointly operated by the U.S. military AND aliens.  :0  Yes.  They have massive tunnels connecting the bases and an entire subway system.  One guy took an elevator and ended up on the wrong floor.  When he walked into the restroom the urinals were too high off the floor for a human to use, but the perfect height for an 8 ft tall alien.

In 1979 Thomas Costello secretly took photos of the underground base in Dulce, New Mexico.  At Dulce the U.S. government was jointly operating the base and conducting experiments on humans in this lab.  There were humans in cages.  He barely escaped the base, but when he returned home government agents were waiting for him.  He was never seen again.  Among his notes, he stated that in this underground base where the government and aliens were experimenting on humans, the aliens were in charge.

10 out of 10 stars.  This is a terrifying series.  You might have to watch it in small increments so you can sleep at night.  I also recommend The Fourth Kind which will make you terrified to go to sleep at night.




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