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Gloaming (2020 series)

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The Gloaming is a 2020 Tasmanian series.

2 out of 10 stars.  This series was written by Victoria Madden, but is confusing and includes too many flashbacks.  She’s mixed in occult practices, but gotten many of them wrong.  She also tried to add in some after life experiences, but those don’t match real after life experiences that have been documented.  It gets boring pretty quickly.  After the third episode, I really just didn’t care any more.

Episode 1

Two teenagers sneak through the hills onto the property of a haunted house.  A masked man comes out and shoots the girl, Jenny McGinty.  The boy, Alex McConnell, escapes.  This happened in 1999.

Twenty some years later, an old woman is found strangled, drowned, and wrapped in chicken wire.  Near her body an old Hillcrest school ID is found, that of dead girl Jenny McGinty who died two decades earlier.

Here there are some pretty confusing flashbacks that I think are supposed to look like Freddie and Daisy killed the old woman in some kind of torture.  Freddie’s covered in blood, strips, and burns his clothes.  Daisy is deeply disturbed and the next morning tries speaking to her friend, cop Molly McGee, but Molly’s in a hurry and brushes her off.  Later that night Molly finds Daisy hanging in her shed, an apparent suicide.

To help with the investigation of the old woman’s murder, the district sends Alex McConnell, who was the boy who escaped when Jenny McGinty was killed.  He’s now a police detective in the city.

The cops later find the apparent murder scene where the old woman was killed.  Her wallet is there, belonging to Dorothy Moxley.

Episode 2

Freddie threatens Daisy’s foster parents, saying, “I know what you do here.”

The cops discover Dorothy Moxley died at age 2 in 1922, so the woman is someone else using a fake name.

Episode 3

The coroner says Dorothy and Daisy are connected.  They both suffer the same broken wrists and dislocated shoulders that are perfectly symmetrical and from being tortured via Strappado, a torture used during the Spanish Inquisition.  Glasses found at Dorothy’s crime scene belonged to Daisy, further making it appear Freddie was the murderer.  Daisy was Freddie’s girlfriend.

Another body is discovered belonging to 50 year old Jeremy Coleman aka “Sea Dog” who was actually a friend of Freddie’s.  He was killed around 1 am and the only vehicle seen by witnesses was red belonging to Freddie Hopkins.  The cops search Freddie’s room and find Jenny McGinty’s backpack.

Freddie kidnaps Molly’s daughter Lily, takes her to the dam and tries throwing her over the edge.

Episode 4

Freddie holds Lily hostage at the dam until the police come.  Then he tries taking her over the edge and strangling her.  Instead, he falls over the side, but doesn’t die.  He ends up in a coma.  Freddie’s mom says she lied.  He wasn’t with her the night Dorothy was murdered.  And she found a roll of barbed wire in the back of the house.

Episode 5

From episode 1 Molly (the cop) has been stalking a shady property developer named Gareth.  When she sees him dating a new councilwoman, Jacinta Clunes, she asks a coworker to find out what they’re up to.  The councilwoman has taken a huge section of swampland and declared it zoned for residential, so Gareth will make millions proposing the development of homes that he never plans on building.  When the cop confronts Jacinta, she backs out of the deal and Gareth kills her in a car accident he caused.  She’s still alive when she crawls from the wreckage and he just watches her die.

2 out of 10 stars.  If you look at the actual plot, there’s not much there and yet at the same time, too much.  All the crows flying by, shadows in the background, and creepy music don’t end up in any plot.  The voodoo dolls, occult markings, and other “witchcraft” practices were pretty dumb too.  I really tried to watch all 8 episodes, but it was just too boring.


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