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Ghost in the Darkness

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Ghost in the Darkness is a 1996 film set in 1898 Kenya, Africa.

10 out of 10 stars for a scary film.

In 1898 Lt. Colonel John Patterson is hired to build a bridge for the Kenya railroad that is currently under construction.  On the day Patterson arrives a lion claims the life of a railroad worker.  All of the workers, who are split across tribal and religious lines, threaten to leave unless Patterson deals with the lion.  So he takes a rifle out and shoots it.  The workers rejoice.

Less than a week later another lion drags Patterson’s foreman Mahina out of his tent in the middle of the night and kills him.  Mahina was a Maasai warrior famous for killing a lion with his bare hands.  So this puzzles Patterson.  He creates a trap for the lion and the trap fails.

There are more attacks and more than 40 dead by the time the famous lion hunter Charles Remington arrives.  This time they set another trap and discover there are two lions.

The rest of the film is the two men tracking and hunting the two lions.  They’re man-eaters and have killed more than a hundred human beings, dragging the bodies back to their cave where they keep a skeleton graveyard.

Gruesome and scary.  You’ll jump out of your seat.  :0

Now on Netflix.

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