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Game of Silence

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Game of Silence is a 2016 series made from a Turkish series.

0 out of 10 stars. This was pretty awful. Lame, lame, lame.

This is a series with 10 one-hour episodes. It starts with four boys and a girl in what is basically a borrowed/stolen car who cause an accident. The boys tell the girl to run, so she does, and they take the blame.

They are sentenced to 9 months in a juvenile correctional facility run by a sadistic warden. What happens while they are in that facility is barbaric and pedophilic. It destroys all of their lives.

Years later, as adults, they have a chance to seek revenge and they take it. Or at least one of them does. That starts all of their lives unraveling.

What’s really awful about this show:
1. Terrible writing. This was taken from a Turkish series. I think they translated it and that was it.
2. Each episode has at least 6 flashbacks or flash forwards. It’s dizzying and ruins the story.
3. Nothing ever happens. With all the murders, deaths, attacks, and vomited backstory you’d think something would happen. But it never furthers the plot, not even after 10 hours.
4. Poorly acted. I imagine perhaps the acting was okay when it started, but the editing was so awful, with scenes literally chopped in half, it’s hard to watch. Expect to laugh out loud. We did.
5. The last two episodes are spent setting up season 2 rather than finishing season 1. And it really shows.

0 out of 10 stars. One of the worst things on tv I’ve ever seen. 🙁

For a better plot, watch the 1998 film Sleepers.

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