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Galveston (film)

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Galveston is a 2019 mob movie starring Ben Foster and Elle Fanning.

0 out of 10 stars. There are some movies that should never be seen. This is one of them.

Roy is an enforcer for Stanley Ptitko, a low level mobster who runs a chain of dry cleaning establishments. As the film begins he’s at the doctor’s office learning that he has a mass in his right lung. Hearing such devastating news, he rushes out.
When he goes to work, Ptitko sends him and his partner to beat up an attorney who is apparently blackmailing Ptitko. Ptitko tells both of them “no guns”. He doesn’t want anyone accidentally getting shot. So they don’t take guns. They walk into an ambush. It was a setup. Three men are waiting for them and immediately kill his partner. Roy grabs the gun from one of the men and shoots him. There’s a gun battle and Roy escapes. As he’s leaving he sees a young teenage girl tied up, so he lets her go and takes her with him. She just witnessed murder so the would’ve killed her. This pivotal moment sends Roy down a completely different path in life, a noble one.

He takes the girl, Rocky, on the run, lying low in seedy motels under fake names to avoid Ptitko and his hitmen. The girl is 19 and a hooker. Roy is 40 and an ex-con. She hits on him right away and he pushes her away. When she tells him she has money at a friends and wants to go get it, he takes her to a beat-up trailer in the middle of nowhere. She goes in and a little girl comes out. Then there’s a gunshot. Rocky comes running out, grabs the girl, and jumps in the car telling Roy to go. When Roy asks her what happened, she claims she shot the wall next to her stepfather so he’d leave her alone and the little 3 1/2 year old girl, Tiffany, is her sister. But it’s clear that the little girl is her child which means her stepfather raped here when she was only 15 (do the math; it takes 9 months in the womb to make a baby).

Roy takes them to a motel and rents two rooms for a month, one for him and one for Rocky and Tiffany. That’s when he begins coughing up blood and Rocky realizes he’s really sick.

Things are going well until one day he sees Rocky and Tiffany’s photos in the newspaper. She killed Gary, her stepdad, and the police are looking for her. So Roy takes all the newspapers, buries them in the bottom of the trash so no one will see them and comes up wit ha plan to blackmail Ptitko. You see he grabbed the papers the attorney had in his house and was blackmailing Ptitko with.

The next day one of the motel “guests” confronts Roy about Rocky and Tiffany and tells him he knows their faces from the paper, but if Roy helps him pull a heist of drugs he won’t call the cops. Roy agrees. That night they meet at parking lot and then Roy drives him to the location of the drugs. When the guy gets out of the car Roy kills him and disposes of his body.

Roy drives to his old girlfriend’s house to say goodbye (he assumes he’s dying) and goes to another city to call Ptitko and blackmail him. Then he goes back to the motel, but several days have passed. While he was gone, Rocky had no money for food, so she left Tiffany in the care of the motel manager and went to turn tricks. That makes the manager angry so now they’ll have to move. Rocky makes Roy promise that he’ll never leave them again.

That night Roy takes Rocky out. Silly me assumed that meant a real date. It meant a bar date. She dresses up and they dance on the dance floor. They are both really happy for the first time in their miserable lives. But as soon as they walk into the parking lot they’re attacked by Ptitko’s men. They’re taken to one of Ptitko’s dry cleaning establishments where the men rape Rocky to death and almost beat Roy to death. One of his coworkers lets him go while the men are taking a break, he finds Rocky dead, and he kills the two men outside then he steals their car and drives away. He has an accident before he can get far.

When he wakes up in the hospital he discovers he doesn’t have lung cancer. He has aspergilliosis, a fungal infection of the lungs that’s completely treatable. However, the police are waiting outside and he’s being charged with murder. He agrees to give evidence against Ptitko in exchange for immunity, but Ptitko’s new lawyer comes and tells him Ptitko will kill the motel manager and Tiffany if he does that. So Roy serves the 20 years he gets for murder.

Twenty years later he’s living in a dump near the coast and a hurricane is coming. A young woman knocks on his door and tells him she’s been looking for him for years. It’s Tiffany, now 23. She asks him what happened after her mom left her and he explains to her that they never left her. She was never abandoned. She was loved. She leaves and he walks into the hurricane.

0 out of 10 stars. There’s no useful purpose for this film. It’s depressing and makes those watching it depressed. So why?

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