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From (2022 series)

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From is a 2022 horror series on Epix.

2/10 stars. This is very similar to Wayward Pines, but Wayward Pines was done better.

This starts in a small town with a Sheriff named Boyd who walks through town ringing a bell reminding everyone to get inside and lock the doors because night is approaching. People go to their homes, cover the windows, put a talisman near the door, and hide. That’s pretty creepy right there.

On this particular night, Frank is drunk at work and never makes it home so his wife Lauren and their daughter Megan are alone. And Frank never nailed the windows shut. So when a monster comes to the window and implores Megan to open it, she does. They find Lauren and Megan the next morning with their insides eaten out by the monsters. :0 Unnecessarily graphic.

Meanwhile, the Mathews family is on vacation. Jim and Tabitha are getting divorced following the death of their youngest child, but they haven’t told their teenage daughter Julie or their young son Ethan. As they are driving, the highway winds into the woods and there is suddenly a downed tree in front of them. So they turn around and end up driving through a town. Keep in mind, they didn’t take any detours or turn off the highway, so they should have ended up back on the same highway they came from. But they don’t. They ask Boyd where the highway is and he tells them to keep going going straight. They do and end up back in town again. No corners, no winding roads. They’re actually driving straight and somehow end up back in town. On the third loop, Jim panics and drives faster. Another car emerges from nowhere and the two cars collide. In the other car, Toby and Jade are completely stoned.

The camper rolls and pins the family inside. Ethan has a tree branch through his leg and Tabitha has internal bleeding. Having caused this horrific accident, Toby stumbles toward town and encounters Boyd who takes him to the clinic then gathers Kenny the deputy, Kristy the EMT working as the town doctor, Father Khatri, and Boyd’s son Ellis to help him. It’s less than an hour until sundown. While Father Khatri and Ellis take Tabitha, Julie, and Jade to town, Boyd and Jim stay in the camper with Kristy and Ethan so she can operate on him. Meanwhile, dark comes.

The pickup gets a flat from a trap they set on the road (which they never really explain the necessity of) and Khatri and Ellis must help Julie, Tabitha, and Jade run to the nearest house which happens to be Colony House, a commune outside of the city that has its own set of rules. Meanwhile, Kristy operates on Ethan amidst howling and banging on the outside of the camper.

This is the first two episodes. There are only four so far.

In the two episodes after that, we learn very little about the town, except that all of its inhabitants were driving in different states when they found the tree blocking the road. In fact, Jim and Tabitha were in Washington state (I think) right before they were hit by Toby and Jade who were driving in New York (I think). Yet they all ended up here. I think it must be pergatory and they must all be dead.

2/10 stars. This series was way overhyped, wasn’t completely released at once, and is boring. Don’t waste your time.


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