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Food Storage: For Self-Sufficiency and Survival

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Food Storage: For Self-Sufficiency and Survival by Angela Paskett is not what I expected.  I was looking for a book on preparing and modifying my own food so I could store it.  This book won’t help you do that.  What it does have are lists and descriptions of products you’ll need to survive on your own in times of emergency.

4 out of 10 stars.  The problem with this book is that most of this information is already freely available.  It’s lists of food to purchase for your own survival along with bottled water.  Ho-hum.  Tell me more, not.  I was looking for a book to tell me how to prepare my own food for storage, not buy it from someone else.

I went into reading this book with an open mind.  I’ve been to several Mormon food storage seminars but they were all lacking any real useful information.  The Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has given their members a mandate to keep at least three years’ worth of food storage.  Mormons spend a great deal of money on the storage containers, dried food, and bottled water for these requirements, all purchased from the Mormon church and their affiliates.  These are not bargain prices.  About halfway through the book I realized to my dismay that the author is a Mormon and her entire book is a rehash of her blog about being a Mormon and storing purchased food.  🙁  Not what I was looking for.

There are 10 pages devoted to growing your own food.  Six of those are vague instructions on gardening.  A half page is devoted to the complex topic of raising chickens.  Another half page is devoted to raising rabbits.  Another half page on raising bees. And one lone paragraph on fishing and trapping, what the author considers “hunting”.  🙁

There is more space devoted in this book to figuring out how to pay for all the storage containers and stored food and water than there is to providing your own food and water to store.  The author assumes that no one is capable of growing their own food or providing their own water safely, so she tells you to buy, buy, buy, from the Mormon church and its affiliates.

4 out of 10 stars.  I gave this book four stars only because the description of foods you’ll need and why is useful, if not kind of disgusting when you imagine eating canned chicken that was prepared in a factory.  🙁  I would only recommend this book as a starting point for what to search on the web and get your information somewhere else.  This book will help you know what to search, not with actually growing or providing it yourself.

Reviewed by Betsy.


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