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Fearless (series)

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Fearless is a 2017 British crime series.

4 out of 10 stars.  This started out well but devolved into so many red herrings and so much futility.  It was really hard to finish, especially since the man she’s trying to free is in a coma and brain dead halfway through the series.  🙁

There are two cases in this series.

The minor case involves the wife and child of an ISIS terrorist detained and held for deportation.  The wife actually knew her husband was selling weapons to support ISIS and never made any attempt to stop him.  In fact, she helped him.  I hated her character and her outrage at being detained was absolutely silly.

The major case involves a man wrongfully convicted of the murder of a teenage girl 15 years earlier.  It turns out he was framed by MI5 and the CIA.  The teenage girl was lured into prostitution by her uncle and his photographer who pimped her out to soldiers on the American base near her school.  She went their regularly with her friend Rachel Leigh.  On one of these nights, the CIA and MI5 secretly bring a high level Suddam Hussein intelligence officer and informer to the base and accidentally run over the girl.  It is witnessed by the friend Rachel who goes on to become a British politician’s wife.  The girl is initially buried on the base, but when MI5 sees an opportunity to frame a caretaker at the school for the girl’s murder, they move the body and frame him.  Unfortunately for the guy, he’s questioned by police for two days until he eventually confesses and then imprisoned for the murder.  When he is finally released his son calls him a murderer, he steps in front of a bus, and is essentially killed (coma and brain dead).

There’s no happy ending here and I felt cheated at the end of six episodes.

4 out of 10 stars.  I wouldn’t recommend this series.


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