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Escape Room

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Escape Room is a 2019 horror film about six people playing a deadly escape game.

3 out of 10 stars. The first thirty minutes were pretty good, but then it went downhill from there. The ending was awful.

Six people from very different walks of life are given “tickets” to a Minos Escape Room by people in their lives. The winner who escapes the latest Minos Escape Room wins $10,000. They show up to an office building, take the elevator up, and go the designated office and wait in the lobby. Then suddenly that room turns into an oven and there’s no way out. That is the first of six rooms: 1. Lobby that turns into an oven, 2. Ice pond, 3. Elevated billiard room, 4. Hospital room, 5. Movie/music room, 6. Collapsing library. In each of the rooms they must work together to attempt to escape and try not to die.

There were several parts that were really dumb and had no logic to them and the ending was pretty stupid. I guess they were trying to set it up for a sequel but it kind of ruined what little good karma they earned from the first thirty minutes.

It’s hard to explain the flaws without giving away spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Plot flaws:
1. (Ice Pond) In the second room, the ice room, the ice explodes in places. It doesn’t do that until the very end as they’re leaving the room and their times is up. If that’s the rule then why did that one piece of ice exploded when Danny was over it? It made no sense and he shouldn’t have randomly died.
2. (Billiard Room) In the third room they randomly solved the puzzle without actually earning it. I don’t care if Zoey is a physics student, upside down=flip the numbers over is not logical and figuring out the 8 ball was a doorknob was also random. The clues and solutions should be logical. There’s just so much random you can get away with. Amanda’s death was pretty stupid. That phone cord would’ve never held her for a second.
3. (Hospital Room) Here’s where everything went south really fast. Up until this point we were thinking that Danny was the Gamemaster. Now that would’ve been cool. Faking his death, controlling the game, sending them where he wanted them to go–but nope, they revealed that these idiots were chosen because they were sole survivors. Dumb. And Zoey going nuts? Also dumb. She went from normal to nuts in 2 whole seconds. 🙁
4. (Movie/Music Room) And it got worse in this room when Ben figures out that Jason killed the other guy in the boat so he could survive. One life vest=one survivor. That means they intentionally put a killer in this group. That would’ve been more clever if it was revealed early on.
5. (Library) Here Ben solved the puzzle and wasn’t let out through a door like the other rooms. Can you say plot hole? For a game to be a real game there needs to be a way to win. Or it’s not a game. And that creepy old loser as the gamemaster? Really? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
6. (Plane Simulation) This was easily what ruined the film. They shouldn’t have even included this. At this level, this group would’ve been discovered already. You can’t make planes fall out of the sky and not be noticed by authorities. Dumb.

3 out of 10 stars. I was so disappointed in the last 45 minutes of this film. It’s like two different writers wrote it. Or a teenager with ADHD.


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