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Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell (2021 series)

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Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell is a 2021 documentary series on the pedophile and sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of British career criminal and millionaire Robert Maxwell.

8 out of 10 stars.  There’s a lot here.  In the beginning the filmmakers almost seem to want to excuse Ghislaine’s behavior by portraying her as a victim of her father’s abuse, but that explains part of how she became a monster.  Psychopathy can sometimes be hereditary and her father and her are both psychopaths.

Ghislaine Maxwell was the youngest of the eight children of Robert Maxwell, born Ludwig Hoch, a British career criminal who stole from scientists and employee pension funds.  She was Daddy’s girl, his favorite, and also covered daddy’s crimes.  That groomed her to become the partner pedophile of Jeffrey Epstein.  She procured kids for him to rape and participated in those rapes.

Robert Maxwell was born to a poor family as Ludwig Hoch.  After World War II he became a spy for Britain and Russia.  It’s also suspected that he spied for Israel.  He tricked scientists into signing over the rights to their books to him for pennies then resold them to libraries for millions through his publishing company Pergamon Press.  This was how he became rich.  He bought a London newspaper, the Daily Mirror, and used it to blackmail wealthy and famous people.  If they didn’t do what he wanted, he would publish propaganda about them in the Daily Mirror.

In November of 1991, he fell overboard from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine.  Shortly afterward, it was discovered that he’d embezzled $1.2 million from the employees pension fund at the Daily Mirror.  Ghislaine (and many others) suspected he was murdered after decades of committing financial fraud.  Immediately after his death, Ghislaine shredded thousands of his documents.

Since the Maxwell name was tarnished in England and the Maxwell fortune was frozen, Ghislaine moved to New York City and hooked up with Jeffrey Epstein.  She would take provocative near naked photos of herself and would give instructions on how to give blowjobs at parties of the rich and famous.  She was described as “raunchy”.

As soon as she moved in with Jeffrey Epstein she began procuring young girls for him to rape.  She would troll the streets of New York City when school got out and when she spotted a young enough girl (14 was his favorite age), she’d jump out of the limousine, chase down the girl, and convince her that she was a talent agent for a modeling agency.  The girls believed her, came to the house, and left screaming after being raped by both Jeffrey and Ghislaine upstairs.  They told the staff and the police when these crimes were reported that the girls were just angry because they weren’t pretty enough to get the modeling contract.  :0  Imagine being a child, being raped by two people, telling the police, and having the case dropped because they said you weren’t pretty enough to be a model.  That’s heartbreaking and disgusting.

Eventually one of their victims called the FBI with enough details to get the attention of people high up in the FBI who notified Jeffrey Epstein he was in trouble.  He and Ghislaine moved to Palm Beach, Florida.  There the Palm Beach Police Department received several reports of rape of young girls by both Jeffrey and Ghislaine.  Ghislaine was always the procurer.  She would go to the schools right when school got out, convince the girls she was a talent agent for Victoria’s Secret, and get them to the house where they would be raped.  More disturbing is that now they had a routine for scapegoating the girls.  After raping them, they gave them cash as payment for prostitution.  Then when being asked by police if they were paid, the girls said yes.  This is truly heartbreaking and simply breaks the spirit of a child.  Not only were these girls raped, but they were then shamed into thinking they’d asked for it and told their bodies were worth less than $100.

The Palm Beach Police Department raided Epstein’s home and found cameras in all the bedrooms.  But the videos were gone.  He’d been tipped off by someone at the police department.  They still had enough evidence for several charges of the rape of minors.  When they presented this evidence to the Florida state’s attorney, he refused to prosecute Epstein and Maxwell.  So they contacted the FBI.  The FBI covered it up.  U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta came up with a way to provide Epstein and Maxwell with immunity for all their Florida crimes.  It was a plea deal in which Epstein wouldn’t really serve time and would acquire immunity from all rapes of named and unnamed children as well as immunity for his accomplices (Ghislaine Maxwell).  :0

In Epstein and Maxwell’s Palm Beach home they’d been videotaping rich and famous men raping children.  They used this to blackmail those powerful men into keeping them out of prison.  Among them were Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as well as Prince Andrew of the British royal family.  (Watch  Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich for the details.)

When Epstein’s plea deal was announced Ghislaine went to stay with Bill and Hilary Clinton.  Then she started a fake charity (Terramar) where she took money from people under the guise that they were buying pieces of the ocean.  (They weren’t.)  Then a female reporter from the Miami Herald published a very detailed expose of Epstein and Maxwell’s pedophile ring with corroborated eyewitness testimony from dozens of victims.  The FBI couldn’t ignore the crimes any more.  Maxwell ran to New Hampshire to hide in a mansion.  Epstein was arrested and brought to New York City.  The FBI raided his home and found hundreds of sex tape videos with 14 to 16 year old girls being raped by powerful men as well as Epstein and Maxwell.  Before he could go to trial, Epstein committed suicide in prison, but it’s speculated that he was killed before he could out any powerful men.

In response to reports that Ghislaine was Epstein’s accomplice, she called the victims liars.  One of those victims sued Ghislaine for defamation.  The transcripts from that trial became public, detailing the extensive and elaborate sex trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.  The FBI arrested Ghislaine on sex trafficking charges and raided her home.  Her trial began in November 2021.

From the time she was a child, Ghislaine Maxwell was groomed to be a “daddy’s girl”.  Robert Maxwell committed financial fraud repeatedly until it eventually got him killed and his fortune frozen.  So Ghislaine found a man she knew just like daddy, Jeffrey Epstein, a New York City millionaire who’d made his millions through the same types of financial fraud.  Her father had used his paper to blackmail the rich and powerful and to stay out of prison.  Epstein used his paper, the Daily News, and sex tapes to blackmail for the same reason.  The important thing to note here is that she was the sole procurer of kids for Jeffrey and his powerful male friends to rape.  That’s sex trafficking.  She also participated in those rapes.  That makes her a pedophile and sex offender.

8 out of 10 stars.  Also watch Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich for a look into the serious crimes committed by these two monsters.


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