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Elevation by Stephen King

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Elevation by Stephen King is a short story that was released today.  Although being listed as a novel, it’s really a short story with six chapters.  2 out of 10 stars.  A disappointing read.

Scott Carey is a tall overweight website designer who is suddenly losing weight because gravity is affecting him less and less. He has no explanation for it. He still looks the same. His clothes still fit the same. Yet the bathroom scale weighs less and less with each passing day. And it’s accelerating.

At the same time two lesbians move in next door to him and are having great difficulty making their Mexican vegetarian restaurant a success. Dee Dee is abrasive and offensive, especially to Scott who has complained about their boxers leaving their “deposits” on his lawn. Missy is the better half with an easy but shy personality. Both of them have been the brunt of the locals who lean politically very far to the right and are offended by married lesbians. (I didn’t know there was such a thing as being offended by married lesbians.)

Afraid the new local doctor will send him to sanitarium or worse to a government facility for tests, Scott opts to see the retired family doctor of the town, Dr. Bob. The two of them try to come up with some reasoning behind the loss of weight and are left with one conclusion–some random extraterrestrial event that Scott was unaware of.

As Scott’s life takes a serious downturn and his weight plummets to 2 pounds, Dr. Bob and his wife Myra as well as his friends Dee Dee and Missy become close friends and save the failing restaurant (following a marathon race called the Turkey Trot). And as you can imagine this tale has a depressing end.

There are several issues with this story. First, a website designer doesn’t make $560,000 for a six week job. Ever. Second, a town that leans so far to the political right does not change their ideology overnight or over a race. That’s silly. Third, there is almost an entire chapter devoted to describing how a weightless person gets mail during the icy winter. That was effort that should’ve been spent expanding the storyline. Fourth, I didn’t like any of the characters. Not really.

The bonus is that this is a really short read. It took less than an hour.


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