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Edge of Darkness (film)

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Edge of Darkness is a 2010 film starring Mel Gibson.

10 out of 10 stars.  This one grabs you from the very beginning and keeps you until the very sad ending.

Tommy Craven is a well-respected Boston police detective.  His daughter Emma, an MIT grad, calls him and says she’s coming home.  It’s a surprise but Tommy misses Emma so he’s right there waiting at the train station.  She keeps telling him she has something to tell him, but she’s feverish and vomiting.  When they reach Tommy’s house she runs into the bathroom, seriously ill, and insists they go to the hospital.  She tells her dad, there’s something I should’ve told you.  He says it can wait, let’s get you to the hospital.  They step outside and two men are waiting with shotguns.  One of them yells, “Craven!” to get them to turn, then shoots Emma dead.

Everyone assumes the gunmen were there for Tommy, but Tommy soon thinks otherwise.  He takes a lock of Emma’s hair to comfort him and begins investigating her murder.  Emma was an intern at Northmoor, a chemical company with a Department of Defense contract.  Her phone and address lead him to her boyfriend, another intern at Northmoor.  He eventually tells Tommy that Emma found out something at work that terrified her and wanted to expose Northmoor.  She went to an attorney named Sunderman to claim whistleblower status, but Sunderman said he couldn’t represent her.  Emma eventually told a friend, who hooked her up with Nightflower,  an ecoterrorist group, who Emma helped get into the Northmoor facility through the cooling vents.  When the CEO of Northmoor, Bennett, discovered there were ecoterrorists inside the plant, he intentionally exposed them to radioactive materials through the steam venting.  They all died and Northmoor disposed of their bodies.  Emma didn’t go inside but thought the company had poisoned her.

Meanwhile Tommy is getting visits from a mercenary named Jedburgh who works for Northmoor and threatens Tommy to stop investigating.  Those visits are probably how Tommy also gets poisoned.

Tommy keeps contacting Emma’s friends until he reaches the one who hooked her up with Nightflower.  She tells him that Senator Pine is backing Northmoor and that Sunderman, the attorney she went to, works for Northmoor.  As soon as she steps out of Tommy’s car, she’s run down in the streets.  Tommy kills the driver.

Amidst Emma’s things in her apartment, Tommy finds a geiger counter used to measure radioactivity.  He turns it on and it goes off right next to his pocket where he has Emma’s hair.  So he walks around her apartment trying to find the source that poisoned her.  It goes off in the fridge right over her milk.  So Emma was poisoned with radioactive materials put in her milk by Northmoor.  Tommy goes home and discovers his milk has also been poisoned.  He’s dying.  Now he literally has nothing to lose and starts killing off Emma’s murderers one by one.

10 out of 10 stars.  The ending was sad, but inevitable.  This is a really good revenge flick.



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