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Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray

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Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray is a book on embroidery.

4 out of 10 stars.

The three things I look for in an embroidery book are (1) stitches, (2) patterns or transfers, and (3) projects.  Anyone can embroider on fabric.  It’s what you embroider on fabric that makes it neat.  Those are patterns or transfers.  This book has only a handful of stitches and no real pretty or cute patterns.  The projects are mostly embroidery on fabric, nothing special.


  1. Straight stitch
  2. Split stitch
  3. Back stitch
  4. Stem stitch
  5. Chain stitch
  6. Blanket stitch
  7. Scallop stitch
  8. Threaded running stitch
  9. Cross stitch
  10. Herringbone stitch
  11. French knot stitch
  12. Lazy daisy stitch
  13. Star stitch
  14. Feather stitch
  15. Fly stitch
  16. Satin stitch
  17. Long and short stitch

Although this is a nice assortment of stitches, a typical stitch glossary shows at least three steps to get to the final look.  This one has one step and that’s all.  That makes it more of a reference for someone who already knows the stitches and if you already know the stitches, why buy the book?

Patterns and Transfers

Most of the patterns in this book were basic and not very attractive.  The transfers were leaves, trees, and animals.  The trees were a circle with a stick for the trunk so they  looked like lollipops.  Most of these were not filled, only outlined, which made them look childish.


  1. Sewing circle bag
  2. Ornaments
  3. Felt animals
  4. Cell phone wristlet
  5. Felt patches
  6. Embroidered tunic
  7. Scrapbook cover
  8. Eye mask
  9. Embroidered scarf
  10. Embroidered apron
  11. Embroidered tennis shoes
  12. Embroidered headband
  13. Embroidered luggage tag
  14. Embroidered skirt
  15. Felt pincushion
  16. Cardstock bookmark
  17. Embroidered shorts
  18. Embroidered lamp shade
  19. Lap quilt (this was the only project that actually gives basic instructions for sewing and stitching the quilt)
  20. Embroidered pillow
  21. Embroidered pillowcase
  22. Embroidered napkins
  23. Embroidered ribbons
  24. Embroidered top
  25. Embroidered jeans
  26. Embroidered towels

This looks like a lot of projects, but remember you’re not making the garments, you’re only embroidered a tiny design on them.

4 out of 10 stars.  I was really disappointed in this book.  It got rave reviews on Amazon, but now those reviews are looking pretty fake.




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