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Dirty John (series)

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Dirty John is a 2018 TV series starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton.

0 out of 10 stars.  I respect Eric Bana.  He’s an excellent actor.  I’m not sure how he got roped into this poorly written series.

Debra Newell is an interior designer from a wealthy family.  She has two selfish, narcissistic adult daughters named Ronnie (short for Veronica) and Tara.  She apparently has a history of falling for the wrong men, men who use her for her money.  But she keeps online dating because she desperately wants to fall in love.

On one of her online dates she meets John Meehan who describes himself as an anesthesiologist.  Anesthesiologists make good money so she assumes he’s her equal at least when it comes to wealth.  But she’s disappointed that on their first date he makes himself at home in her condo and she has a hard time getting him to leave.  He comes back from that disastrous date by wining and dining her and eventually taking her to bed like he’d planned that first evening.

They fall in love and it genuinely seems they love each other.  So they run off to Vegas and get married.  Then her daughters begin interfering and she lets them.  At no time does Debra, who’s narcissistic herself, defend John although she supposedly loves him.  This dynamic quickly ruins their relationship and the adult kids are still interfering.

I could not watch past the third or fourth episode.  It was sooooo boring and frustrating too because Debra was a pretty worthless partner in that relationship.  She’s not particularly attractive, has a ridiculous job, and values money over people.  She does, however, give John money even after he reveals that he is not an anesthesiologist but a nurse practitioner licensed to administer certain types of local anesthetic, very different from an anesthesiologist.

In the promos for this series it says this is based on “real events” which is so vague.  In a People Magazine article it claims that the real John Meehan was killed in a botched attempt at kidnapping Tara, the youngest sister.  As Tara is portrayed in this series, I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of her mouth, especially since she murdered Meehan.  Both daughters were so worried about their mom spending their inheritance on John that they were downright vapid and dangerous.  So what’s the point of the series?  Not much to expose here.  This looks more like a rich kid covering up a murder with a story.

0 out of 10 stars.  Boooooring.  Poor Eric Bana.  He must’ve owed someone a big favor to be in this hot mess.



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