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Dexter New Blood Season 1 (2021 series)

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Dexter: New Blood is a new series put out by Showtime that’s supposed to be a sequel to Season 8 of Dexter.

0 out of 10 stars.  For fans who love Dexter Morgan and appreciate what he does in taking out the worst of society, this was a travesty of epic proportions.  I honestly can’t imagine what the writers were thinking.  This is the equivalent of season 8 of Game of Thrones.  They literally ruined the series in killing off Dexter in the dumbest way–by his son shooting him so he can keep his girlfriend.  :0  I hope these writers never get another gig.

If you don’t know anything about Dexter Morgan, he’s a man who was orphaned as an infant.  In fact, he was in the shipping container where his mother was murdered and dismembered while she was dying.  He is adopted by Harry Morgan, the man his mother was sleeping with, a married police detective who used her as a CI (confidential informant).  In fact, it was Harry’s fault that Dexter’s mother was murdered.  The guilt drives Harry to devote a great deal of time to Dexter’s upbringing which makes his stepsister Deb very jealous.  It also gives her a constantly seeking attention personality.  And as an adolescent Dexter shows some anger issues, which Harry spots immediately.  Harry’s solution to what he deduces as serial killer mentality in Dexter is to channel that rage into killing the “right” people, that is killers, pedophiles, rapists, and the worst of society.  Harry gives Dexter a code to follow:  1.  he must find proof that the person is indeed guilty of these crimes, 2. he must confront the person about what they’ve done, and 3. he must not get caught.  So for eight seasons Dexter does this in the series Dexter.  Then for some dumb reason the show’s writers decided to kill off Dexter in the Season 8 finale.  Only in the end credits we see that Dexter is still alive and a lumberjack somewhere.  :0  That’s where this series picks up.

In the logging town of Iron Lake, New York, Native Americans, two billionaires, and local loggers get along.  Or so it would seem.  There’s a little bit of everything here.  In fact, it seems that the show’s directors hired actors based on their disabilities and minority status rather than their acting ability which becomes obvious in episodes 1 and 2.  (Yes, all those ranters on Amazon are actually accurate this time.)  The Sheriff is a Native American who’s sleeping with Dexter.  In fact, it actually seems she loves Dexter, not.  This was one of those really bad casting jobs.  Dexter has a reason to be unemotional at times–he’s a serial killer.  But the Sheriff is just…cold.  Or a really bad actress.

One of the town’s billionaires, Kurt Caldwell, is a serial killer who’s been hunting (literally) young girls and making their bodies into wax figures he keeps in this creepy underground museum.  He’s been doing this for 25 years.  The Sheriff has suspected this but has never been able to prove it or to find any evidence.  That’s because she’s none too bright.  Dexter figures it out rather quickly, but then he was a real cop, a detective in Miami.

Kurt has a son Matt, who has already gotten away with murder once.  He was in a boating accident that he caused which ended in the deaths of several innocent people.  He throws his weight around a lot and eventually shoots a white stag on Native land with Dexter right there.  Dexter goes into a rage and kills Matt.  Now he has a problem–he hasn’t killed in ages and no longer has the facilities he had before.  So he puts a kill room together and dismembers Matt’s body then he burns it in a town incinerator.  Then in a moment of kindness, he sees Kurt drunk on the sidewalk and gives him a ride home.  What he doesn’t know is that Kurt gets ash on his coat and realizes that Dexter has been to the town incinerator.  When he goes there, he finds the titanium pins from Matt’s burned body.  The rest of the season is a battle of wits between two experienced serial killers–Dexter and Kurt.

In the midst of this, Dexter’s son Harrison shows up.  In Season 8, Dexter sent Harrison and his wife Hannah to Argentina for safety.  Then he faked his death.  Years later, he writes Hannah in a moment of weakness and lets her know he’s still alive.  So after Hannah dies of cancer, Harrison starts looking for Dexter and he finds him in Iron Lake.

Harrison becomes infatuated with the Sheriff’s daughter, Audrey, who’s really a school bully.  She drugs him and he inadvertently tells her that his dad’s name isn’t Jim Lindsay.  So Audrey tells her mom, the Sheriff and the Sheriff discovers he is Dexter Morgan.  That ends their romance and she begins suspecting Dexter of every crime that crosses her desk.

Kurt sees a chance to get even with Dexter.  He plans on killing Harrison since Dexter killed his son.  Fortunately, Dexter saves him in time.  And then he realizes he has to kill Kurt before something happens to Harrison.  So the next evening, Dexter and Harrison look for where Kurt is hiding the bodies.  And they find it near his cabin, an underground museum with embalmed women that he’s murdered.  But while they are there, Kurt is setting Dexter’s cabin on fire and planting evidence that Dexter killed Matt in the Sheriff’s mailbox.  Oops.

For the record, Dexter is not this dumb.  And in the season finale, almost everything he does is completely out of character.  Remind you of another series?  Game of Thrones.  This ending is like Daenerys suddenly going crazy and killing everyone.  Dexter kills the Deputy, who is his friend and also Harrison’s coach.  So out of character.

In a wrestling match, Harrison’s “dark passenger” takes over and he breaks an opponent’s arm.  So Dexter takes him home and tells him everything.  Then Dexter kidnaps Kurt and kills him in his usual ritual with Harrison watching.  He is teaching him Harry’s code.  But when they go home, their cabin is burned to the ground and the Sheriff arrests him from the evidence that was put in her mailbox by Kurt.

Here’s where it all goes to h*ll.  While Dexter is in jail, Harrison sleeps with Audrey and they make plans to move in with each other.  But the Sheriff has already contacted Angel Batista in Miami and, after trying Dexter for murder there is going to extradite him to Florida where he’ll get the death penalty for the Bay Harbor Butcher killings.  She’s actually so bloodthirsty.  And this was supposed to be his girlfriend?  Really?  She literally has no emotions at all.  And she’s not this bright.  With no alternative but to escape with Harrison, Dexter tells her about Kurt’s little museum.  While she’s on her way there to verify he’s telling the truth, Dexter kills the Deputy, who is his friend.  He meets up with Harrison and tells him they have to leave.  But Harrison wants to stay because he’s in love with Audrey.  And he tells Dexter how he’s ruined his life.  So he kills his father.  The Sheriff arrives, catches him with the weapon, cleans his fingerprints from it, and tells him to leave town and never come back.  :0


So literally between episodes 9 and 10, Harrison went from saying his dad saved thousands of people and was like Superman killing bad guys to thinking he’s evil enough to actually kill him.  And Dexter, who has never killed innocent people, who has actually saved so many innocent people, kills the Deputy when all he has to do is cut off his air long enough to pass out?  He already has him in a headlock.  What were the writers thinking?  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  So Harrison drives away without Audrey and without his dad.  Now he has the guilt of killing his father and hasn’t completely learned the code.  Good luck with that, moron.

0 out of 10 stars.  I think the writers actually thought the actor who plays Harrison was charismatic enough to carry off this series alone so they wrote out Michael C. Hall.  Here’s some news guys, people watch the series for Michael C. Hall.  He’s Dexter.  Not some twit who kills Dexter.  And a straight razor?  Puleez.  So Mexican drug cartel.  Also, having Jennifer Carpenter in the series at all was really annoying.  Die already.  Or overact somewhere else.






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