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Decorative Concrete by Sunset Magazine

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Decorative Concrete by Sunset Magazine is a beautiful how-to book on building pathways around your home and more.

10 out of 10 stars.  This book is good for just about any concrete project you can imagine and there’s a lot of variety here.  Even if you’re doing a basic walkway or sidewalk, this is the book that will help you work with concrete.

Sections in the book:

  • Uses of concrete inside and outside your home
  • Components that make up concrete
  • Colors and coloring concrete (stains, paint, etc)
  • Adding aggregates for texture
  • Inlays and mosaics
  • Molds
  • Problems with concrete (mostly cracking) and solutions
  • Reinforcements
  • Mixing concrete (a huge section with tons of photos)
  • Patterns and finishes
  • Prints and molds
  • Projects including 3 countertops, a countertop with sink, a sink, a mantel, a decorative floor topping, a garden path, a sidewalk, a garden bench, a table, a tabletop, a planter, a hypertufa planter, two more planters, a fountain, a pedestal, and projects from molds

I’m not experienced with concrete, but even if I was, I can’t imagine anything this book wouldn’t explain for me.  It’s that inclusive.

10 out of 10 stars.  This is a very thorough, very user-friendly book that’s well-organized and beautifully-photographed.  There are some great videos on YouTube that show you how to work with concrete and molds.


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