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Dead Birds (2004 film)

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Dead Birds is a 2004 horror film.  It’s been listed several places as a science fiction film.  There’s no science in this film whatsoever.

6 out of 10 stars.  This was enjoyable mostly because the characters were just evil villains you didn’t mind watching them die.

A better name for this film would have been Monsters of the Corn.  If you’re familiar at all with the Dyatlov Pass Incident or the film Devil’s Pass, then some of this film will look familiar.  Rather than opening a wormhole in time, this evil man opens a portal to hell.

The film is set during the Civil War in the south.  Six bank robbers rob a southern bank just after the Confederate Army deposits a huge amount of gold.  They shoot and kill everyone, including a woman and a child.  They ride to a plantation owned by an army friend of the leader, William.  As they arrive they find a dead creature at the end of the corn field before the plantation house.  Rather than heeding this as a warning, they walk right past it and then it’s too late.  Their fate is sealed.

Over the next hour we learn that the plantation was once owned by a man whose wife died.  He missed her so much that he summoned the devil in an attempt to bring his wife back to life.  In payment for his wife breathing again, he tortures and murders his slaves.  Too late the plantation owner discovered that the body looked like his wife but was really a ghoul fresh from hell.  She killed his kids and he brought them back too until his entire house was filled with ghouls.

These creatures, his wife and kids, required fresh human flesh to live and began killing.  Word got out across the town and so the plantation owner finally killed them and buried them.  Or so he thought.  But he was slow in doing so and the town formed a posse and crucified him.  They dressed him like a scarecrow and left his body in the corn field as a warning to anyone approaching the plantation.  And William and his five cohorts just walked right by.

During the bank robbery, William’s brother Sam was shot.  William’s lover, Annabelle, tries to remove the bullet and disinfect the wound, but eventually it turns black and William becomes delirious.  That’s the least of their worries as odd things begin happening and they see things.  What they’re seeing are ghouls of the wife and children and the ghosts of the slaves that were tortured and murdered.  Eventually all of them die.

At the end of the film a detachment of soldiers comes to search the plantation and walks right by the deformed creatures dead at the entrance to the corn field.  And it begins again.

6 out of 10 stars.  Pretty scary although there were quite a few plot holes.


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