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Dead Again (1991 film)

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Dead Again is a 1991 film about reincarnation.

6/10 stars.  A bit outdated, but still entertaining with a nice twist.

A mute woman shows up at a church with horrific nightmares of being stabbed in the throat with sheers.  She has no memory of who she is, so the church asks one of their patrons, Mike Church, a PI, to help her find out her name.  He puts an article in the newspaper.  A hypnotist shows up from the article and after several sessions, discovers she was Margaret Strauss, married to Roman Strauss, and that she met him in 1948.  He was a visiting conductor and married her for her money then stabbed her in the throat with sheers.  He was tried, convicted, and executed.

Obviously this was her previous life and they are no closer to finding her identity, so I’ll call her Margaret.  She thinks Mike Church is her dead husband Roman, so she’s worried about him trying to kill her again.  So Mike agrees to have the hypnotist hypnotize him.  When he wakes he remembers his previous life, not as Roman Strauss, as Margaret Strauss.  Their roles are reversed.

Mike goes to see Margaret’s oldest friend, a writer.  He tells her the Strauss’s housekeeper Inga is still alive and owns an antique shop with her son Frankie.  This is the same antique shop where the hypnotist lives.  The hypnotist is Inga’s son Frankie.  Mike goes to talk to Inga who explains to him that Frankie expected Roman to fall in love with his mom.  They had grown up together as kids and Roman had made her his maid, but he was in love with Margaret not Inga.  So Frankie killed Margaret, hoping with her gone, Roman would fall for his mom.  Inga says that Roman took the fall for Frankie because he didn’t want to live anymore.  Not without Margaret.  After Mike leaves, Frankie kills his mother Inga.

In the meantime, the hypnotist has discovered Margaret’s name in this life.  She’s an artist named Amanda Sharp.  He takes her to her home and she begins to remember her life.

Mike goes to Amanda’s loft to tell her about Frankie and that he is Margaret, not her.  She has a gun and shoots him.  Then Frankie appears and they fight.  He hits her then Mike stabs him.  They fight some more and Amanda stabs Frankie.

6/10 stars.  Not a complete ending, but it was an interesting watch for two hours.


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