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Dark Season 2 Spoilers

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Dark Season 2 premiered yesterday and here are the spoilers.

1. Apocalypse June 27, 2020

According to the plot in season 2 the apocalypse occurs on June 27, 2020 which coincides with the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant in Winden, Germany. The entire season is the seven days leading up to that date.

2. Jonas is transported to 2052 where Elisabeth is in charge

In 2052, the remains of the nuclear power plant is behind a “wall”. Punishment for going beyond the wall is hanging and the fields are covered with those hanged. Elisabeth Doppler, Charlotte and Peter’s deaf girl, is in her 40s and is in charge. She’s lethal. When Jonas breaks this law he finds audiotapes made by Claudia Teidemann about the time traveling device. If you stabilize power to it, you can use the “blob” to travel through time. Jonas is caught, hanged, survives, and travels back in time to 1921.

3. In 1986, Egon Tiedemann goes to talk to Ulrich

Egon Tiedemann, who arrested Ulrich Nielsen in 1953, had him put in a sanitarium where he’s been drugged for 33 years. In 1986, Egon begins investigating the child deaths again and shows Ulrich a picture of Mikkel, telling him Mikkel is there. Ulrich breaks out, finds Mikkel, and they run to the cave only to be stopped a second time by the dumbest detective in the world, Egon Tiedemann. πŸ™

4. Future Jonas takes Hannah back to 1986

Future Jonas takes his mother Hannah Kahnwald back to 1986 so she can see for herself that (1) time travel is real, (2) Mikkel was sent back to 1986, and (3) Mikkel became Michael Kahnwald her husband and Jonas’s father.

5. Noah sends Helge back to 1953

In the season 1 cliffhanger, Jonas and Helge swapped places in time. Helge ended up in the bunker with the experimental time machine and Noah in 1986 and Jonas was transported to 2052, a post-apocalyptic future. Noah sends Helge through the time machine and is successful. Helge goes home and Noah comes to visit him. Seeing that Noah has sent him someplace impossible and is there himself makes him think Noah is God. That somewhat explains why Helge helps him kidnap and murder children in an attempt to create the perfect time machine. This is also how Helge’s ear got mangled. He was the first successful human to go through the time machine without dying.

6. Agnes Nielsen is having an affair with Doris Tiedemann

But that isn’t even the kicker. Agnes is also Noah’s sister. She’s been helping him kill children in that little psychotic bunker time machine. Ew.

7. Noah and Agnes do the bidding of Adam

Adam is apparently a “prophet” and leader of the cult who call themselves “travelers”. They are trying to pave the way to paradise using the time machines they’ve created. Agnes, Noah’s sister, is married to Adam.

8. Jonas in 1921 meets young Agnes and Noah

When Jonas is thrown back in time to 1921, there is no tunnel and he must wait for travelers to come and transport him back to the future. There he meets a young Agnes and a young Noah, who are both travelers who work for Adam, the head of the cult and Agnes’s future husband.

9. Jonas is Adam

Now for the worst revelation of Season 2. Adam is the head of this cult and Adam is the future Jonas. :0 That means he marries psycho Agnes. The running gag for season 2 is every guy who ends up with a hanging mark around his neck turns out to be Jonas.

10. In 2020 6 people are missing

Season 2 is in 2020, six months after season 1. Now a total of 6 people are missing: Mads, Erik, Mikkel, Yasin, Ulrich, and Jonas. Francesca and Elisabeth’s parents keep disappearing trying to solve the disappearances and Magnus and Martha’s mom keeps going to the caves to try to find Mikkel, so the Magnus, Martha, Francesca, and Elisabeth go to the caves to try to figure out what’s going on. There they find Bartosz leaving the caves with a time machine. He takes them to 1986 where they see Mikkel. They don’t bring him back because if they do Jonas will never exist.

11. Ulrich waits 33 years to find Mikkel

And then the police take him away. As they are driving him back to the mental hospital he sees Magnus and Martha emerge from the time machine near the freeway. :0 Now that would make you go crazy.

12. Noah is Charlotte’s Dad

Charlotte is the chief of police and literally just found out from Helge that Noah is the one who murdered all of the missing children. Then Noah pops up, tells her he’s her dad, and shows her baby photos of the two of them. :0

13. Elisabeth is Charlotte’s Mom

Yep, her daughter in the future is her mother. She is taken away from Noah and Elisabeth (his wife) by Adam and taken to the past to survive. This is why Noah follows Adam. He’s been promised in the future that if he does what Adam says then Charlotte won’t be taken from him.

14. Ines is not the great mother we thought she was

She’s been stealing tranquilizers from the hospital where she works and drugging Mikkel so he stops going back to the caves and stops talking about the future.

15. Adam has his own time machine

Only this one goes where and when he wants. The one created by the explosion at the nuclear power plant is not as exact.

16. Francesca and Magnus are in Adam’s cult

But at least they’re still together. And I still think they’re Noah’s parents.

17. Noah tries to kill Adam and fails, Agnes kills Noah

One of the huge plot holes introduced this season is this: Noah tries to kill Adam with his gun and it refuses to fire. Agnes then takes the gun from Noah and shoots him with it and it suddenly works. Adam uses this to claim that time is unchangeable. Big plot hole. Totally untrue.

18. Jonas Kidnapped Mikkel

Future Jonas takes current Jonas (who just got hanged in the future) back to the day his father hanged himself. And he talks to his dad. That night when Mikkel disappeared by the caves it was Jonas who kidnapped him. A future Jonas who looked exactly like Jonas took Mikkel back to the cave and told him to stay there until it was safe. When he woke Jonas was gone and he was in 1986. :0

(Sorry, no photo for that. I was too shocked.)

19. There are at least 5 time machines

  1. The blob in Adam’s home.
  2. The blob in the future nuclear power plant.
  3. The one future Jonas carries around.
  4. The one Claudia carries around.
  5. The one Noah gave to Bartosz.

Future Jonas is visiting Hannah when she steals his time machine and she goes back to 1953 to see Ulrich. Not to free him and bring him back, but to let him know that she knows he’s there. :0 Wow.

When the season ends, Hannah is in 1953 flirting with Egon Tiedemann.

20. The visiting cop creates the apocalypse

A visiting detective is sent to Winden to investigate the missing people. What no one knows is that he is the real Aleksander Kohler’s brother, the man whose identity Aleksander Tiedemann took when he came to Winden. Did he kill Aleksander Kohler? Or just steal his identity? The visiting detective thinks he killed his brother because he went missing the day Aleksander popped up in Winden. Since Aleksander runs the nuclear power plant he is sure something fishy is going on. He hones in on the radioactive waste pit and begins drilling (dumb, dumb, dumb). This causes the explosion.

But minutes before that happens, Elisabeth from the future (2052) opens the time machine to see her mom. πŸ™‚ Who is also her daughter. Then the apocalypse happens.

21. Other world Martha saves Jonas

Throughout the series, and for at least 66 years, Jonas has been trying to save Martha from the apocalypse. He comes back to save her and so does future Jonas, but Adam arrives and kills her. Then a different Martha shows up from a different world. That just ruined everything. Now we’ve got all kinds of time machines and other world people running around? Too much. πŸ™ This season could’ve been a slam dunk but they went and ruined it.

22. Other Spoilers

  1. It is confirmed that Noah and Helge killed Mads, Erik, and Yasin testing their time machine. Helge kidnapped them in 1986 and 2019 and took them to 1986 to kill them with the machine.
  2. Future Claudia is killed by Noah in 1953. Helge, who is a child, calls her the white devil. But it appears she was actually trying to fix everything and save everyone.
  3. 1986 Claudia is evil. When her father wants to get Ulrich released because he believes he really is Mikkel’s dad, Claudia kills him. Then she tries to hide what the power plant did because she thinks that substance created by the leak/explosion in 1986 is the god particle. (Dumb.)
  4. The night Michael Kahnwald killed himself everyone was happy before that moment. Then future Jonas came to try to stop him and told him what he did. He hadn’t planned on writing a letter or killing himself, but now he feels he must because it’s his destiny. So the future created the past.
  5. Peter takes Elisabeth to the bunker before the apocalypse and in the last moments, future Jonas uses the time machine to transport Magnus, Francesca, and Bartosz.
  6. In the the 1921 scenes, young Noah kills another cult member who is older than him and looks like Bartosz in the future. Adam ordered him to.
  7. Before Adam kills Martha, he tells Jonas that this is what made him who he is in the future–Martha’s death.
  8. Throughout the season there are little things that Jonas successfully changes in the current timeline, but it doesn’t appear to stop the apocalypse. He mentions that something small won’t do it; it needs to be something big, but when he has the chance to kill Adam or himself, he doesn’t.
  9. Claudia tells Jonas that she’s seen the future without him and it’s not a better place.
  10. When future Claudia is killed by Noah in 1953 her body is contaminated with radiation. This is the first time the radioactivity of the power plant and the time machine particle is brought up.
  11. 1986 Claudia takes 2020 Regina (her daughter) to the bunker to survive the apocalypse.
  12. So at the end of season 2, the people we know survive the apocalypse are: Jonas, Francesca, Magnus, Bartosz (although he might be killed in 1921 later), Elisabeth, Peter, 1986 Claudia, and Regina.

Enter the plot holes

Season 1 was beautifully written with an intricate plot. This season not so much. It was going well until about episode 7 when the plot holes starting popping up. Granted season 1 has the biggest plot hole of all–no radiation. But in this season they start calling the material created by the first nuclear spill as the god particle. Ho hum. Then it went downhill when they started pretending like the future can’t be changed. When it got to the scene where Noah’s gun wouldn’t fire to kill Adam but then worked for Agnes to kill Noah, we were frustrated. Uh nope. Not buying it. Bringing more worlds into the finale was just dreadful. Instead of tying up loose ends and filling plot holes, they set up another season. Bad choice. πŸ™

7 out of 10 stars for season 2.


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